You really took good care of each n everyone in the pilgrimage

Good Evening Jenson,
Jenson, i really want to thank u from the bottom of my heart for all that u have done for us,, u really took good care of each n everyone in the pilgrimage n we all are really vry glad that we came on this holy tour
through u……when i landed in bombay,, i was very sick,, i couldnt even walk,,n i had a terrible headache,, n by the time i reached home around 5.30am i was burning with fever,,104…i was also constipated, coz the food somehow didnt agree with me, i am not used to travelling, this is the first time i went on a holy tour…n by the Grace of Almighty God, my daughter my sis-in-law are so overwhelmed that we made it… Jenson, i want to make a confession to u,,n i want to give my testimony,,,,when i came for the tour,,i had this infection on my fingers of both my hands, it is called psoriasis…i had suffered with this for the past 3 years,,, no amount of medicine or cream would cure this,, sometimes it would heal temperally,, n again come back,, when i had come for the trip, it was very bad,, so much so i used to bleed in between my fingers,,i had carried bandage, n cream to apply,,but i didnt do it, coz i was scared that what people would think…they might think that i am a leaper or something with some big diseases,,,i didnt say a word to anyone,,,,jenson,,i had this strong believe in Mother Mary n Lord Jesus,,, that if i touch the pictures of the Lord n the holy places,, i would be cured…i also had this inner voice that told me that if i dip my hands n feet in the Dead Sea i would be cured…. Jenson,,honest to God,,,the time i dipped my fingers in the Dead Sea,,,i felt the burning sensation in my fingers,,n it was so severe that i cudnt tolerate it,, i was almost in tears,,,but i didnt say a word to anyone,,,jenson within a weak after i came to bombay,, my fingers were complete cured,, i had not seen my hand so beautifulll for a long time,, i knew this is the works of the Mother Mary n Lord Jesus..i cant thank them enough for doing this miracle on me,,even i had some dry skin on both my knees,, they r also vanishing…PRAISE THE LORD …. Thankyou so much Jenson for everything,, may God Bless u n ur family with good health n happiness… with lots of love, regard, n best wishes…
rajni fernandes….
definately looking for some more trips with u….

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