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Rev. Fr. Vincent Carmel

Dear Jenson and Patricia,
I really thank God for both of you for organising the Holy Land Pilgrimage for us which just got  completed on 16th inst. I must confess that God

was with us so much that we did not feel any problem or trouble during our journey. We had indeed a very fruitful pilgrimage. The arrangements were done so well and I am inviting many people to go for the pilgrimage with you. I am inviting many of my friends and relations to go for this Holy Land pilgrimage in the coming months. God is blessing you for this wonderful service you are doing for the people. On my personal behalf I want thank both of you personally for all the arrangements and services. I liked the way you looked after the elderly people. After reaching here I felt very tired for 3-4 days. Now I am okay. Continue to do the service for Lord. God bless your ministry. I too shall encourage many people to go for this Pilgrimage with you.
With thanks and prayers, Rev. Fr. Vincent Thomas —
“Wise men put their trust in IDEAS and not in circumstances.” –R.W. Emerson
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23rd Road, TPS III, Bandra (W)
MUMBAI 400 050
Mob.: 0986-7776-886

Rev. Fr. Victor D’cruz

We were booked through Jenson Worldwide Tours on a pilgrimage to the Holy land. Our group was from Belgaum, Karnataka and we were 15 pilgrims 6 of which were Belgaum Diocesan Priests. The Journey commenced from Mumbai to Jordan by Kuwait 

airways  in the early hours of 25th November 2018. It was from Jordan that we had to board a coach that `took us all the way to Bethlehem, in the Holy land. We were personally accompanied By Mr. Jenson who is deeply a very spiritual man having encountered Christ himself whiles working on a cruise liner. His personal testimonies bear witness to Christ and Mother Mary. Mr. Jenson left no stone unturned to make our pilgrimage a unique experience for every pilgrim. Whiles travelling in the Holy land and visiting all the important holy sites and churches everyone in the group felt the spirit of Jesus hovering over us. It’s totally a different kind of experience that cannot be had by reading about the Holy land but by personally visiting the Holy land on a pilgrimage. All the 48 pilgrims in our group were filled with the aura and spirit of Jesus, who was born who worked and performed miracles, died and rose again in this beautiful Holy land. It’s a one of a kind, lifetime experience. To have such a wonderful enriching personal experience I personally recommend that you travel with Jenson Worldwide Tours. I was visiting the Holy land with my fellow Pilgrims from Belgaum for the second time with Jenson Worldwide Tours. Jenson puts you up in good clean and posh hotels as five stars and seven stars. The food is excellent. Drinking water is provided in abundance and personal care is given to every pilgrim. The best part of this pilgrimage is that we had Eucharist celebrated daily at the important Holy sites. Travel in comfortable coaches; hassle free visa and immigration process etc. are the hall marks of Jenson Worldwide Tours. We had a beautiful experience going by cable car to the mount of temptation which is in the vicinity of Jericho. Jenson makes it possible for the Pilgrims to visit all the important sites in the Holy land. The stay at Taba resort and the cruise on the river Nile inclusive of dinner in Egypt comes as a bonus to the pilgrims. I really felt that Jenson gave us more than our monies worth. It was truly a wonderful enriching Spiritual Journey. I would highly recommend to all Catholics, to visit the Holy land when you are young, active and agile and not to postpone the pilgrimage and Jenson worldwide will make it for you, A Pilgrimage to Remember for a life Time. Jenson thank you for making our pilgrimage one that we will all remember for life. God bless you and your work.
Fr. Victor D’cruz
Belgaum. Karnataka
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Rev. Fr. Xavier Lazar

Dear Mr. Jenson,
It was just a dream for me to be in FATIMA, LOURED AND VATICAN. You made it a real experience to me. Each day was more than what I expected. You are a master in pilgrimage trips. 

You have an unmatched knowledge about the world map and pilgrimage mapping and all the more to make it really spiritual and entertaining. Once again my prayers and best wishes for all your trips.
Thanks and Love and Prayers.
Rev. Fr. Xavier Lazar
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St. Antony’s Church
Kanjiracode, Kundara PO Kollam, Kerala
India 691501
Phone 9400300572, 0474-2522625

Rev. Sr. M. Amanda

Dear Mr. Jenson,
This is to thank you heartily for all the trouble you took to organize our trip to the Holy Land in the month of March, 2014. We enjoyed and have benefited at every moment of our trip . You have a very good team at your disposal. 
Thank you for providing for all our needs in a very efficient way. Your thoughtfulness for each one is very commendable. Thanks for providing for all our needs in a special way. God bless you and your family abundantly and give you yet more success in all your undertakings. A Very Holy and Fruitful Lenten Season! With my best wishes, renewed thanks and God Bless you
Yours sincerely
Rev. Sister M.Amanda A.c. [email protected]

Rev. Sr. Jane Lewis FMA

Dear Jenson,
Wish you a very Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year 2009. Accept my belated thanks for organizing so well the Holy Land Tour. It was a great priviledge to join in this tour and experience the word of God alive in me which will last forever.

May God Bless and reward you
Sr. Jane Lewis FMA
[email protected]

Rev. Sr. Mary

Dear Jenson,
Season’s greetings! May the risen Lord bless you and your family. I wish to thank you for the well organized pilgrimage to Holy Land last month of which I was a member. I thank God for the experience I have had. 
You wanted to give us maximum experience as well as comfort. Sometimes I used wonder how you could manage so well with that much of amount. Your talks in the bus were also very inspiring. I would like to thank you in a special way for arranging so well for my trip to Dubai. The man who came to reach me to the airport was very kind and helpful.
With prayers and gratitude,
Yours Sincerely.
Sr. Mary (Cecilia Vas)
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Ms. Shabana D’souza

Dear Mr Jenson & Patricia,
Had a wonderful experience at the pilgrimage.. For me it was a retreat .. a time to connect with god and talk to him.. and that’s the reason I barely spoke unless required.. But it was an awesome experience. 

At the tomb of Lazarus …when entering I entered on my knees and ended up scrapping my left hand on the rock.. Infact Charles even remarked why I was in such a hurry.. But Praise God.. it was the same hand I had injured a year ago and the pain in the last 2 fingers was still there. Infact during the mass in the Church of Martha & Mary the pain was there. And when I came out of the tomb after some time the place where the hand had scraped was red but the pain had vanished. I told Fr Mathew about it…
Felt a lot peaceful after the retreat .. Had come with lots of sorrow in my heart.. But with all the prayers of Fr Mathew, Sr Therese, yourself and Johnson really helped.. Felt A LOT OF PEACE.. In the last few days I missed my father and sister’s presence…
The psalms that you have asked to read have been helping me a lot.. In Fact the part that you spoke about humiliation really touched home.. I had become a very quiet person after my own relatives (My mum’s sister’s family) accused me of things I had not done ..for nearly 5 years.. They ridiculed us because we prayed and went for retreats at Tabor..
Also my own brother wanted to marry a girl my mum does not approve of and because I took my mum’s side he said things like I should not be staying in this house and these things hurt a lot..
All this made me afraid to open up to people.. I sort of retreated into a shell. I used to think twice before I spoke for fear of being ridiculed or offending anyone. But throughout all that I prayed that God would help me keep quiet and not retaliate and forgive them..And many times I could not understand why god would allow all these to happen after being so faithful in prayers.. But when you spoke of Sirach 2, I finally understood that gold is tested in fire and a person in humiliation..
Sorry once again because I barely spoke to you on the pilgrimage.. But believe me that I had a wonderful experience .. one that really connected me to God.. Helped me talk to him all throughout my journey.. I felt the Lord’s presence following us.. ahead of the bus ..just how the cloud and the pillar of fire followed the Israelites when they moved with Moses crossing the dead sea.
Thank you once again for this great opportunity …Had never traveled out of India and in one shot saw so many countries.. especially all the places the lord had been..
Thank you very much for all your prayers and support.. Each and every time you took out time to pray for us all..
Am keeping your ministry in my prayers..Infant Mother Mary had asked me to do something, as soon as I am able to complete it I will contact you..
Thank you again for being a blessing …
May God continue to bless you and your family and keep you in his loving care always..

Love and prayers always

Shabana D’souza
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Mrs. Yvonne D’Souza & Mr. Louis D’Souza

Dear Mr. Jenson,
Thank you for the wonderful Marian pilgrimage tour of Western and Eastern Europe (6 October 2019) which was way beyond our expectations. Your Itinerary was too good covering such pilgrim
sites that ordinarily we would never imagine we could visit, like the tomb of St  Bernadette at Nevers, Paris,  the Back Madonna at Poland,
an experience of visiting the Nazi concentration camp, a reminder of the dark days and a prayer for peace in the present. 
It is a  dream come true for every Christian who wishes to do a pilgrimage tour to the Land of the Queen of Heaven, Our Blessed Mother Mary. 
You are a thorough professional who gives his best to his customers, never compromising on any aspect of the tour. 
The Hotels were very good, the food was too good giving us a chance to taste local cuisine, and the luxury buses you provided on tour added to making the tour most comfortable and enjoyable  We also appreciate the way you coordinated the day to day activities each day of the tour, making each day special to each one of us on the tour. 
It’s you and only you Mr Jenson who can offer us such a wonderful  enriching Christian Experience through your pilgrimage tours. 
We thank you once again and may God bless you always in all that you do
From  Yvonne & Louis D’Souza,  Thane

Mr. James Colas

Dear Jenson,
Thanks for conducting this Holy land Trip and was amazing being to Holy land with Jenson worldwide group. I would strongly recommend to continue Holy land Trip. Though some people say that you charge 

more I have personal experience being with you for this trip and I would say that you are charging less that what you give. Please continue your trip and our blessing our always there for you.
Best wishes for your Holy Land Trip,
Senior Relationship Manager
UTI Asset Management Company Limited.
L:+91-22-66786021 |M- 9892900930.
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Mrs. Charmaine Braganza & Mr. Chris Braganza

Dear Mr Jenson,
Thank you for the wonderful  Holy Land Pilgrimage Trip (30/10/19  to 11/11/19).   I  must admit we totally enjoyed the trip and must say everything that was promised was delivered. My husband Chris 

and myself  had a fulfilling and satisfying experience.  Thanks so much and looking forward to other trips in the future. Regards
Charmaine and Chris Braganza
Charmaine Braganza
Accounts Payable & Payroll Administrator / Affco New Zealand Ltd – Wiri
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Dr. Juliet Miranda

Dear Mr. Jenson,
This is Dr. Juliet Miranda, writing to thank you for facilitating the amazing, spiritually enriching trip to Holy Land (30/10/19 – 11/11/19). I must mention that you delivered on all counts – everything that
you had promised and claimed was done-, Thank you. Both my husband and me had such a satisfying trip, that God-willing we plan to join you for a trip to the Motherland of Christianity sometime in the near future.
Warm regards,
Yours in Christ,
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Ms. Lea Lobo

Hello Jenson,
With grateful thanks I write to acknowledge the fantastic trip to Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain & Portugal in Oct 2019.From Canada, i was attracted to the professional, detailed itinerary on your 

website, covering all the pilgrimage and leisure sites that I so wished to visit,, and you did not fail to deliver.Moreover, you provided luxury coaches with expert drivers for comfort and safety; the hotels were top-notch, you include entrance fees with professional guides to make each site visit so meaningful. All 3 meals a day were lavish and gave opportunity to taste local cuisine.Above all you rose to the trust we had to blindly place in you, never having met you and with the distance factor. You ensured we received best care from start to finish. All in all this trip to 20 sites visited was great value for money.I must add the lovely people from Mumbai were so warm and we grew into a family which added to the enjoyment and spirituality.I would surely recommend Jenson Worldwide Tours to anyone.
Hope I will be able to travel again.
Best wishes.
Lea Lobo.
[email protected]

Mr. Joseph Sebastian & Mrs. Fancy Joseph

Hi Jenson,
This is Joseph Sebastian from Kochi, Kerala. Myself and my wife Smt Fancy Joseph were part of the 24 day Marian Tour to Europe, the Cradle of Christianity from 10th June to 4th July, 2019 which you
had organized. At the outset let me congratulate you for designing such a well thought out tour. You had not only taken us to places of Religious importance but also to several other places of cultural and historical importance like Austria, Bratislava, and Auschwitz. The ample time you provided at places of Marian apparitions (Medjugorje, Lourdes and Fatima) as also at Rome was highly appreciable. Thanks for the well conceived time table. special thanks for the excellent stay arrangements and the exotic food provided throughout the tour. We also appreciate your personally accompanying us instead of leaving to your representatives. Do inform us of your future tours so that we can recommend them to some of our relatives and friends. We are looking forward to visit The Holy Land (which we have not yet visited) with you in the near future.
May God bless you and your family.
(Joseph Sebastian)
[email protected]

Ms. Lorraine Fynn

Dear Mr Jenson,
This is Lorraine Fynn from Australia. I had joined your Pilgrim Tour to the Holy Land in October 2016 along with my Mother Sylvia Fernandes and Aunty Gilda Fernandes. I have been wanting to 

write to you for some time but was not sure of myself or did not know if I should until I went for a Healing Service here in Australia and then something during the service said to me that I was really healed & I need to give this testimony hearing others giving their testimony. I did not want to give it to anyone but to you since it happen when I was with you at your Pilgrim Tour to the Holy Land. When you took us to visit the place where Jesus cured the lady who was suffering for 12 Years with the bleeding problem. There I prayed a special pray to Jesus for a miracle for myself, as I was suffering from the time I started my monthly period. And have a family history of all the ladies going through the same problem, that my mother & sisters have removed their Uterus. But  I prayed to Jesus that I don’t want any part of my body removed and prayed this pray – “Jesus forgive me a sinner, I surrender myself to you and as you healed this lady by her just touching your garments, please let me have the same faith, heal me and I trust and have faith you will heal me”. I went back from the tour, forgot about it, for few months I kept getting my monthly period on and off. But since June or July 2017 I had completed stopped getting my monthly period and I am very sure that I have been cured as I know how much I use to suffer and it is a miracle that I prayed at the place where Jesus cured that lady who suffered for 12 years.



[email protected]

Ms. Marilyn fernandes

Hello Jenson,
Just wanted to express my sincere thanks to you for the well organised trip to eastern Europe. Which both my sister…Heather and myself thoroughly enjoyed. It was money well spent.  We got the worth of every 

penny spent.
Gold bless you in all your future endeavors.
A big thanks once again.
Kind regards,
Marilyn fernandes
[email protected]

Mr. Archie Fernandas

Hello Jenson, As the dust has settled, taking this opportunity to thank you for the excellent holy land tour, have definitely received the money’s worth, good leading guides including yourself,  and your team hospitality.
You will be “definitely” recommended to the known and the required. You have great commitment, and a sense of good deliverance with Expertise.
Best wishes,

Mr. John J Gonsalves

Dear Mr.Jenson,
When we were in HolyLand (April May 2018) Jesus had done miracle on me “John” on my behalf my wife Wendy has drafted the testimoney. Thank you Jenson & entire team of Jenson worldwide. Proof is

 attached. I Wendy Gonsalves staying at Malad want to testify Our Lord Jesus’s mysterious miracle for my husband John. John had been to Dr Kumta, eye specialist at Malad on 24th October’17. Special tests were conducted for his eyes. Dr then gave him the report that one of his eye had a micro hole. Since he could not see clearly with one eye he had to change his spectacle with higher number. He was told that there is no medication for the eye and to come for check up after 6 months. We went on a tour to Holy Land from April 25th to 1st May’18 which was very spiritual for us. After our return John had visited Dr. Kumta on 28th June’18. Dr. again performed the same test on the eyes. He was told to wait for the reports. Dr called John in his cabin & began to smile which he never usually does. He asked John do you want hear the good news. ” The micro hole in your eye has been filled up and that its 100% a miracle. As this is next to impossible and it has never happened to anyone in the past. The photograph of both the tests are attached herewith with the dates of the tests & the arrows in red which shows the micro hole which has patched up. I must say that it is truly God’s mysterious and compassionate miracle. I praise and thank Our three in one God The Holy Trinity, Our Blessed Mother Mary & all the Holy Angels & Saints for healing John’s eye. If we surrender & put our total faith in Our Saviour He can turn the impossible to possible. We can be healed thru” Jesus’s Precious blood. We have to just believe that God has already granted your petitions & He knows all your needs before you know them. Father God, Jesus & Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, Holy Angel’s & Saints we thank you, praise you, glorify you, & lift your Name on high. You are the King of Kings & Lord of Lords. There is no one like You. I know You will continue to take care of us & our family. We love You, Jesus.

Thanks and regards
John J Gonsalves
[email protected]
4, La Charmaine C.H.S
Tank Road, Orlem, Malad (W)
Mumbai-400 064


Mrs. Leena Nair & Mr. Raghu Nair

Hello, Jenson, good evening, Hallelujah,
How are you and your family ? This is Mrs. Leena Nair, wife of Mr. Raghu Nair, one of the participant in your recent piligrimage dated 22nd May, 2018 to Mother Land. At the outset we both are thankful to 

you from the bottom of our hearts for taking all of us safely to all the holy places and bringing safely back. We also appreciate your personal care and attention rendered to each & everyone. Hats off to you Jenson. This was not an easy task. You are really and truely blessed by our Mother Mary and Jesus. We are extremely happy and fully satisfied every days’ accommodation and food provided for us. Also all those guides are the best no doubt about them. Also those captains contineously driving and taking us so carefully are great. They too render their help to everyone whenever we needed them without any hesitate. Incase, we need to travel somewhere, sometime we hope to meet you again. Jenson, I tell you from the bottom of my heart that you are a unique person. Understanding everyone’s problems to the best of your ability and comforting everyone which is not very easy. I prayed to God to keep you & your family with good health always and bless you in thousands folds in your life. 2 couples from our Legend Building, Vakola are going with you to Holy Land in your coming trip. Both are know to us. We told them about our recent experience with you to Mother Land.

Once again we thank you very much.

Leena Nair.

Mrs. Emilina Dias & Mr. Thomas Dias

Hello Jenson John,
We were members of your recent trip to Europe.Thank you for the trip because we could see,fill and grow Spritualy. Papal Audience;Few are fortunate to see Papa in person.
People are saying we are blessed to see papa face to face. 

Rest in Rome is Historic. What really test our faith is at Lanciono,Holy Eucharist Miracle.Kneeling before the alter,looking at body and blood of Jesus something happens inside you that only one can experience.Visit to St.Anthony’s tomb,Padre Pio,Francis Assisi,Ignatius Loyala,Don Bosco,St. James tells us of their holy lives and so much much they did for the Holy Church.Thank you for the Guides who kept us well informed.Candle Light procession at Lourdes & Fatima Holy Dip at Lourdes experience will remain forever in our lives. You kept us well informed and narrating incident which you experienced about each place and the importance of Prayers, Faith and Sincerity. Thank you for our stay in good hotels and for the lovely food.Lastly thank you for having patience with us.

May God Bless your work,your family &your team.
Thomas dias,
Emilina Dias.

Mr. Leslie Alexander Valentine

Holy Land Pilgrimage Experience 24 Feb 2011.
I Leslie Monteiro aged 84 years had a great desire to visit Holy Land with my Wife, her Sister, Brother and his wife, joining a group of 90 Pilgrims who Mr Jenson John had arranged to take on a Pilgrimage to
Holy Land. On hearing that I was 84 years of age, Mr Jenson John was apprehensive to take the risk of taking me on this Pilgrimage. I prayed to the Lord and undersent a medical checkup which was clear that I could stand the Pilgrimage. I assured Mr Jenson that I wasin good health despite of my age, On the Pilgrimage I was able to keep face with all the other Pilgrims to visit the various Churches where Holy Mass was said daily and Holy places of of intrest in connection with our Lord Jeus life while on earth and unto his death. We also saw the Tomb where he was laid to rest. On the Pilgrimage I was admired the way Mr Jenson John took flock of 90 Pilgrims, like a good shepherd although the number was large to conduct. This Pilgrimage is going to be a memorable one for me. I thank Jesus for giving me the opportunity, grace and strength to undergo the Pilgrimage. I also thank Mr Jenson John and the group for the cooperation we received and the fellowship we enjoyed. May the good Lord Bless the efforts of Mr Jenson John and his family for the noble work they are doing for the Lord.
I Shout to say – Thank You ” PRAISE THE LORD”
Mr Leslie Alexander Valentine Monteiro,
Flat No : 17, 3rd Floor
Little Flower, No 9,
14th Road, TPS – 3,
Bandra west,
Mumbai 400050.

Mrs. Joaunita Edwin & Mr. Fredrick Edwin

Dear Jenson,
Compliments of the Season and wishing you and your family ‘A Very Happy And Prosperous New Year 2012′. Sorry for this belated thanks for the lovely Holy Land Pilgrimage Tour you had so beautifully 

organised – a perfect ’10’ to it! My wife Joaunita and self admire you for your wholehearted devotion in all that you did. The Holy Land Pilgrimage Tour was really a dream come true for both of us. It was a great priviledge to walk on the very land our Lord Jesus walked and preached 2000 years ago. We had been on a couple of leisure tours before, all through reputed tour operators, but none of them compares with the tour we had with you. Looking forward in joining you on the Europe Tour the following year. My good neighbour Mrs.Grace Remedios, who too was on the tour, has requested me to thank you for the wonderful experience she has had going on this Holy Land Pilgrimage Trip with you. May Almighty God bless you and your family in all that you do.
Love And Best Wishes,
Fredrick Edwin & Joaunita Edwin.
Borivali, Mumbai.
Fredrick Edwin
[email protected]

Ms. Greta Misquith

Hello Jenson,
Hi this is Gretta from St. Vincent Pallotti Church, Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai. Jenson I would like to thank you on behalf of our Pallotti Group Pilgrimage – Hilda, Rita, Winnie, Maggie & John and others 
Elsi, Jacintha, Alice and few of them for a wonderful pilgrimage. We really enjoyed the Pilgrimage. We do appreciate the trouble you took to make us comfortable to see all the places, conduct masses in every Church. It would have been possible only with you that Fr. Michael could conduct masses even after the churches were about to close. It was really a bless ing for us to have Fr. Michael Payyapilly, from Divine Retreat Centre to lead the pilgrimage. His Sermons and those small prayers were really made our Holy Land trip more meaningful. We thank you & Fr. Michael immensely for that. We are also grateful to you beside showing us each and every holy places as per the Pilgrimage Programe, but going beyond that and showing us 45 minutes The Night Spectacular show at Tower of David Museum where we were able to see the history of Jerusalem over the course of 4000 years. And not to forget the famous Petra Caves, the ride of cable car to in Jericho,that was wonderful. We never missed our trip to Egypt at all. We also appreciate the extra pain you had taken to make all 88 pilgrims to put up in the best 5star hotels in the process we also know that you skipped your own meals sometime, even though you never made us to realise this. Even though, some of the pilgrims were above the age of 60, the oldest being 84 years, you made them comfortable and made special arrangements for them not to miss seeing the holy places where they were unable to climb.May God Bless you and your family. I would definitely like to join you in the near future alongwith my sons because it is worth and fun joining JENSON GROUP.
With Warm Regards,
Greta Misquith
[email protected]

Mrs. Premila Brito & Mr. Mario Brito

Dear Brother Jenson ,
This is Premila & Mario Brito from Pune penning these few lines of thanks for all the efforts you have taken to organise this Holyland pilgrimage . We do understand that you have had to make a lot
of changes and adjustments in lieu of the trouble in Egypt . Visiting Petra instead of Egypt was a good choice under the circumstances . It had always been our dream and wish to visit the Holyland and walk the way Jesus walked, and to visit Jesus’s home town . This was possible thanks to our brother Jenson . We also appreciate the presence of Fr. Michael Payyapilly-Asst. Director, Divine Retreat Centre who Spiritually led us and made this pilgrimage more meaningful. Visiting the Holyland Has been the crowning glory for us. We shall always cherish these memories- thanks to you. Words are not sufficient to express our gratitude for organising this trip successfully, especially when the average age of the group of 88 pilgrims was around 60 years; the oldest member being 84 years. The food, accomodation, travel, and other arrangements were exceptional.
Congratulations ! well done & God Bless . We shall pray for you, that God may give you the strength and blessings to continue this good work. God Bless you and your family.
Warm regards from
Premila & Mario Brito
[email protected]

Ms. Deanne

Dear Jenson,
How are you? Hope you and your family are doing good. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to say bye to you on our return to Mumbai airport. I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful pilgrimage that we
had with you. I know you said that you would not like anyone to thank you but we are truly very grateful to have made this pilgrimage with Jenson Worldwide Tours. I don’t think we would have had such a fulfilling experience with anyone else 🙂 My aunt Dorothy (Elizabeth) says a special thank you for the consideration and patience you showed her throughout the journey. I also want to take this opportunity to let you know something else. I am suffering from a problem with my heart valves due to which I cannot lift weights or do any strenuous exercise. I used to get very heavy palpitations due to which I could not sleep at night. However, this problem was much lessened after my visit to Divine last year. And during the pilgrimage to the Holy Land, I am very thankful to God to say that I didn’t experience any symptoms at all despite all the walking and the exercise. Infact, I have not had any symptoms since returning from there. By the grace of God, I hope to make this testimony when I make my next pilgrimage with Jenson Worldwide Tours 🙂 You are truly rendering a great service to all the people who have a wish to see the Holy Land. May you continue the good work and may God bless you and your family. You will always be in our prayers!
[email protected]

Mrs. Rajni Fernandes

Good Evening Jenson,
Jenson, i really want to thank u from the bottom of my heart for all that u have done for us,, u really took good care of each n everyone in the pilgrimage n we all are really vry glad that we came on this holy tour

through u……when i landed in bombay,, i was very sick,, i couldnt even walk,,n i had a terrible headache,, n by the time i reached home around 5.30am i was burning with fever,,104…i was also constipated, coz the food somehow didnt agree with me, i am not used to travelling, this is the first time i went on a holy tour…n by the Grace of Almighty God, my daughter my sis-in-law are so overwhelmed that we made it… Jenson, i want to make a confession to u,,n i want to give my testimony,,,,when i came for the tour,,i had this infection on my fingers of both my hands, it is called psoriasis…i had suffered with this for the past 3 years,,, no amount of medicine or cream would cure this,, sometimes it would heal temperally,, n again come back,, when i had come for the trip, it was very bad,, so much so i used to bleed in between my fingers,,i had carried bandage, n cream to apply,,but i didnt do it, coz i was scared that what people would think…they might think that i am a leaper or something with some big diseases,,,i didnt say a word to anyone,,,,jenson,,i had this strong believe in Mother Mary n Lord Jesus,,, that if i touch the pictures of the Lord n the holy places,, i would be cured…i also had this inner voice that told me that if i dip my hands n feet in the Dead Sea i would be cured…. Jenson,,honest to God,,,the time i dipped my fingers in the Dead Sea,,,i felt the burning sensation in my fingers,,n it was so severe that i cudnt tolerate it,, i was almost in tears,,,but i didnt say a word to anyone,,,jenson within a weak after i came to bombay,, my fingers were complete cured,, i had not seen my hand so beautifulll for a long time,, i knew this is the works of the Mother Mary n Lord Jesus..i cant thank them enough for doing this miracle on me,,even i had some dry skin on both my knees,, they r also vanishing…PRAISE THE LORD …. Thankyou so much Jenson for everything,, may God Bless u n ur family with good health n happiness… with lots of love, regard, n best wishes…
rajni fernandes….
definately looking for some more trips with u….
[email protected]

Ms. Annie Luis

Dear Jenson,
An attitude of gratitude according to me, should be an integral part of the Be-attitudes, and therefore this note of thanks, to say thank you – Thank you for being You. Thank you Fr for your spiritual 

guidance during our Holyland tour. Thank you for setting us on the right footing of making this a pilrimage rather than a sight-seeing tour or a shopping spree. At the outset, I would like to say I am sorry that we did divert from the itinerary and visit the Museum. I am sorry not because I see something wrong in visiting the Museum, but because it could have led to us losing our focus and maybe many others taking their own decisions. I know you were praying for us while we were out of your sight, and that is why the first person we met on our return was you. Thank you. Thank you for your spiritual inputs. Your insights have always been double-edged, to comfort and confront. And in this, God has blessed you with His Word, which is a double-edged sword. May you continue to be His faithful Minister, leading the lost sheep back to the Shepherd and Guardian of our souls. Thank you for your continued prayers, both with us and for us. The good Lord alone knows how much each of us needed it. You will continue to be in our prayers and may our souls to whom you have ministered be your joy and consolation, both here and in Heaven – your beautiful and everlasting crown. Jenson : Thank you for showing us another side of the gruff telephonic voice. Thank you for sharing with us your personal experiences – something you did not need to do, and yet you exposed yourself, in order to enrich us. Thank you. May you continue to take many others to the Holyland and may God minister to you and your family, even as you touch the lives of so many souls through this ministry. God bless you.
Yours in Christ Jesus
Annie Luis
[email protected]

Ms. Ursula Cardozo & Ms. Florinda Cardozo

Dear Jenson and Patricia,
First of all “Congratulations” and then “Thanks” – we want to thank you for the excellent organisation of the whole pilgrimage to the Holy Land from 04-13 November 2010 – right from the first contact with
you both till the very end of our trip when everyone said our goodbyes. This pilgrimage was for us an amazing awakening experience – to have walked in our loving Saviour’s footsteps. Just cannot express our words of gratitude but to say “Thanks” first to our Lord Jesus for making it possible to make this journey both financially and physically and then for revealing Himself to us in His Holy Land. And to our Mother Mary for guiding us to her son Jesus and being with us along the way. A< b>nd then to the both of you. We have received the best also in terms of flights, transportation all the way in Mercedes luxurious buses, care, hotels and sumptuous meals. You and your guides managed the pilgrimage in such a fantastic and totally professional manner. The food was just unbelievably superb and the choice and quality way – beyond our expectations. The Guides at every part of our journey were very knowledgeable and made sure that we were well enlightened and taken care of – to all the various sites ensuring that we all reached back home s afe and sound and much more blessed and excited to have actually visited the Holy land with “Jenson Worldwide Tours” – kudos to you all. And a strong desire to make the journey once again!! As shared with the group, we had done so much research with all the tour operators to the Holy Land as we wanted to have that “once in a life time experience” and we did. Have already spoken to everyone we meet about our Holy Land pilgrimage and now our brother and sister-in-law and many of our friends are interested in doing this journey with you. May our Divine Saviour and Mother Mary bless you both along with your beautiful little daughter Angelina and the rest of your family with good health, peace and happiness always. And also your special future projects for which we keep you always in our prayers for the good work you are both doing. We do look forward to meeting up with the three of you sometime. With warm regards and good wishes for your future in the travelling and pilgrimage world. If you ever need help in anyway, please let us know. God bless.
Ursula & Florinda Cardozo
[email protected]
Andheri West
Mumbai 400053.
PS: Congrats also on your website which is very good – worth the wait !!

Ms. Cecilia Banz

Dear Jenson ,
Just a brief “Thank you” note to show my appreciation on the very well conducted Holy Land Pilgrimage – 24th March to 1st April 2011 Added attraction Petra was a good choice and worth the 

effort. It was an awesome and incredible experience. It is a dream come true to visit the Holy land and walk the way Jesus walked, and to visit Jesus’ home town. The presence of six Priests and a Religious Sister was the ‘icing on the cake’ which enhanced the ‘spiritual flavour’ of the pilgrimage. The choice of hotels, surface travel and other arrangements were exceptional. All the pilgrims were given personal attention, specially the Senior Citizens. Congratulations to a very well organized pilgrimage. God bless you to organize many more such wonderful trips for our Christian Community. I can recommend my friends and relatives to go on this pilgrimage with ‘Jenson Worldwide’ with no hesitation. I shall pray for you and your family to give you the strength and blessings to continue the good work.
Warm regards
Cecilia Banz
[email protected]

Ms. Renita & Mr. Anthony

Jenson & Patricia,
Good morning, its a lovely web site just viewed it today morning, I have no words to express my feelings…………….. The Holyland tour was a wonderful experience for myself , renita and Abigail

who is just six, I would like to commend you and all those who assisted you for all the troubles you have undertaken to ensure that everyone was comfortable on the tour, as the age group of the pilgrims on this tour were from 6 years to 77years. The Hotels were good and the food was excellent as I am well versed with Arabic food. This trip was all the more enjoyable because you made sure that we all moved around like one big family. I have recommended you to a couple of my friends who are planning on a trip to the Holy land, if God willing we ( myself ,my mother, Abigail & Renita ) might join you for the european experience some time next year.
Thanks once again, God Bless
Anthony & Renita
[email protected]
Mobile : 9821441661

Mr. Francis & group

Hi Jenson,
This is a small note from Francis, Kay, Griselda, Maria & Marie to say thank you for the lovely time we had on the pilgrimage you took us on the 4th Nov. 2010 which was very well conducted.

I did not write earlier knowing you were on the next tour which must have come back yesterday. It was a very prayerful trip & we enjoyed it. Once again thank you & will definately recommed your tours to others.
God Bless,
Francis & his group
[email protected]

Mrs. Philomena & Mr. William Fernandes

Hi Jenson,
My mom & I want to thank you for the wonderful trip we had to the HolyLand which will always remain in our heart & mind. We enjoyed each moment right from the beginning of our pilgrimage to the end. 
You made the arrangements exceedingly well. When we look back at the journey to our HolyLand, we really feel very proud & honoured that GOD not only fulfilled our wish to visit his HolyLand but also welcomed us to his place with all the luxury, comfort & royalty that we petty people long for.
Thanks GOD.
Bravo Jenson! We pray that your future projects to our HolyLand for the Senior & Young pilgrims be successfully & quickly completed & that GOD showers infinite Blessings on you for these endeavours & Bless you & your family abundantly for helping many Christians visit GOD’S HolyLand.
Philomena & William.
[email protected]

Mr. Rocky Rebello

My family & myself thank Jesus Christ for the wonderful experiences and blessings we received in visiting the Holy Land Pilgrimage through Jenson Worldwide Tours. Right from the place of birth of our Lord Jesus up to his crucifixion and resurrection.

Stations of the Cross were another touching Holy Sight to see in the Holy Land. It was a blessed experience to have a Bishop & 12 priests in this pilgrimage as if we were enjoying the holy mass with Christ and his 12 disciples. We prefer and recommend Jenson Worldwide Tours as on each Pilgrimage he personally takes care and looks after each and every Pilgrim. I am sure everyone feels the same like me as of being at home without any botheration at all. May GOD bless him & his family. Rocky Rebello Radha Nagar Complex, Kalyan (West) [email protected]

Mrs. Dorothy D’Souza & Mr. Bernard D’Souza

Our wonderful experiences with Jenson Worldwide Tours…
We have been on two pilgrimages with Jenson Worldwide Tours, one to the Holy Land (Oct-2009, 10 days) and the other to West Europe, the Motherland 

of Christianity (May-2010, 20 days). We came to know about Jenson Worldwide Tours, through his advertisement in the Examiner, for the Holy Land trip. His advertisement mentioned in detail all the sites to be visited and also the total price (upfront), which included all costs, even tips and drinking water. The Holy Land trip, was conducted very professionally and was very well organized, covering all the sites mentioned in the advertisement. Almost every day, we had Mass and recitation of the Holy Rosary. There was always sufficient time for prayer at the various Holy places. Even though, we were a group of 98 persons, (in 2 buses) with the oldest aged 81 years, the trip was so well planned that each and every one was comfortable and well cared for. Our Motherland of Christianity trip, covering the countries of Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Switzerland, was equally well organized. We were a group of 35 persons. We had an excellent bus and bus driver for the whole trip. The pilgrimage to Europe, also had a few sight seeing trips like the snow capped mountains (Mount Titlis) in Switzerland and the Eiffel Tower and other historical places in Paris. On both trips we had great buffets and good, clean, and some luxurious hotels. Jenson personally accompanied us on both these trips and made it all the more memorable, with his many testimonies. We have been recommending others for these trips.
Bernard & Dorothy D’Souza,
[email protected] Pune.

Mrs. Caryn Dsouza & Mr. Simon Dsouza

Hi Mr.Jenson,
The services in the tour were excellent. There was no room for any complaints. The Food and travel was well arranged. God bless you to organise such wonderfull trips for our christian community.Thank u

once again. Looking forward for the Europe trip!!!!

[email protected]
99920344906 / 28937077


Ms. Piedade Fernandes

Dear Mr.Jenson,
I’m touched with yr service during my Holy Land tour n I’m praying 4 u n yr fly 4 yr good health 4 the wonderful works u r doing 4 the Lord’s vineyard. Everyday, I feel how spiritually this Holy Land
Trip has transformed my life as I truly felt the presence of Jesus in his holy land. God bless u n yr fly always.
Best rgds,
Piedade Fernandes
[email protected]

Mrs. Anita Ferris & Mr. Don Ferris

Dear Ms Patricia Jenson,
My wife Anita, daughter Samantha and i would like to express our appreciation to you for the promptness in seeing to our cheque payments, visa documents and other details of our Europe pilgrimage.
The pilgrimage was a resounding success and beyond our expectations mainly due to Mr. Jenson John’s personal attention to detail for each and every pilgrim right from embarkation to disembarkation at Mumbai. His patience and perseverance is to be admired at all times, and especially in handling check in & check out at hotels & tour buses. Fr. Johnson provided us spiritual enlightenment by daily mass & homilies with hymns, songs and prayers in the bus accompanied by the personal testimonies and Bible reading of Mr. Jenson John. The spiritual high spots were of course the Vatican , Lourdes and Fatima with informative and charming guides at all these and other places. The holiday high was provided at Mount TITLIS and the historical places and fashion centres of Paris .
Don Ferris
[email protected]

Mrs. Regina Pereira & Mr. Bernard Pereira

Hello Jenson,
Please find Holy Land tour feedback from Giriz group, Group of 10 couples from Giriz, Vasai visited “Holy Land ” with “Jenson Worldwide Tours”. This tour was a true tour to visit Holy Land as it

was nourishment for mind and body with daily Eucharistic and breakfast, lunch, dinner with four star hotel stay..This tour was well planned Spiritually as well as professionally. Site-seeing with AC Mercedes Benz coach and experience guide. Compare to other tours it was comfortable and affordable to all. You can try this tour in the name of Jesus he will take care of you.
Bernard & Regina Pereira
Giriz, Vasai (W)
Thanks & Regards
Bernard Pereira
[email protected]

Mr. C M Jacob

Dear Jenson,
A few days after returning from the Europe tour, I phoned to Patricia and requested her to convey to you our grateful thanks for the memorable tour you had conducted for us from 15 May to 3 June 2010 to 

Vatican, Rome and other holy places in Italy,France Spain, Portugal and Switzerland. Apart from site seeing, it was truly a pilgrimage we will ever remember with daily holy Mass said by Rev. Fr. Johnson Enthumukuzhyil VC in various ancient Chappals and Churches and his prayers and your testmonies and singing by co-Pilgrims. The daily journey by AC coach and hotel stays were very comfortable and myself aged 74 and my wife Monica 69 and other members in the group, mostly senior citizens, never felt tired. The tour was very leisurely and there was no night journey. The guides and the Captains of the coaches were experts in their respective fields. All the arrangements made by you for us were excellent.
It was once in a life time experience to visit and pray in the historical and famous religious places in Europe particularly Vatican where we could receive the blessings of His Holiness the Pope and also the spots where our Lady had appeared in Lourds and Fatima and the Eucharistic Miracle in Lanciano. After seeing the latter with our own eyes, we know mow that when we receive the holy communion we are receiving the living Jesus in us.
I have asked our Parish Priest Rev Fr.Gerard Rodricks, SJ,Holy Family Church, Chakala, Mumbai and Rev. Fr. Tomson, Chaplain of the Malayali Latgin Catholics, Shalini Bhavan, Sion, Mumbai, to contact you to organise tours for their parishners.
Monica joins me in sincerely thanking you once again.
C M Jacob
[email protected]
53, Rajas, Prof. N.S.Phadke Marg, Andheri(E), Mumbai 400 069
Tel: 91-22-2682 1332
Mob: 91-9892055923

Ms. Stella Rebello

Dear Patricia & Jenson,
I wish to congratulate you for a wonderful spiritual experience given to the pilgrims to the Holy Land. My son Cleo and I have been touched by your meticulous planning and execution of this
pilgrimage tour despite the large number of 125 pilgrims. You have given us the best with respect to flight, coaches, tour guides, hotels, sumptuous meals and pilgrimage sites. There was no room for complaints as everything provided on this trip was excellent. May the good Lord and Mother Mary bless you both along with your Baby Angelica, good health, peace of mind and happiness.
All the very best for your future endeavours.
Thanking you once again.
Stella Rebello

Mr. Rajeev Seenen

Hi Jenson,
Just to let u know we r back in Dubai & would like to once again say a big thank-you to your company ( Not U) hahahaha, 
for the wonderful encounter with our Lord in HL. It is was an was an awesome & indescribable experience. Please send me all the flyers for your forthcoming tours & I’m sure I’ll be able to evangelize many more from Dubai.
God Bless,
[email protected]

Ms. Lusinha Pereira & Ms. Dolorosa Rodrgues

Praise God !
We would like to extend our heartiest thanks to you for making our journey to THE HOLY LAND memorable and
the most fruitful trip of our life . Its been an awesome time walking the land Our Lord Jesus walked and lived. We thank you for your hospitality with a bundle of patience right form the day of confirming the bookings till the day we landed back to India We pray that your life together is blessed adundantly by the Might Lord , and Mother Mary be your constant support and care taker in every situation of life . We have also learnt a lot from you during these 13 days, especially your virtues of being patient, loving and concerened just as our heavenly Mother and we appriciate your great devotion to Mother Mary and apply it in our daily living too. All the best to you and your future trips to the Holy land and other Holy destinations and wish you sucess in all.
God bless youa nd your family
Warm Regards and Prayers
Lusinha Pereira and Dolorosa Rodrgues
— Simplicity of character is the natural result of profound thought [email protected]

Ms. Celine D’silva

Dear Jenson,
My mom – Regina D’silva – I.C. Parish – Borivli (W) has thanked you in a special way for the lovely pilgrimage trip that she had made recently.

She was all praise for the comfort and arrangements done and says it was a good experience and lucky that she could make it. I too felt good that it was right choice that I had made to get in touch with you again after I was upset during one of our conversations. I am happy that she was satisfied and she has asked me to thank you on her behalf. Thanks and looking for a good holiday tour that you would have in the near future. My daughter (10 years) and myself would like to make an overseas holiday trip. Appreciate if you could let me know any Europe tours that you plan to have during October being school vacations.
Thanks & regards,

Ms. Tracy Rodrigues & Ms. Evonne Rodrigues

Dear Jenson & Patricia,
We wish to thank you very much that our recent pilgrimage to Holyland was a very successful one. With Fr. Michael Payyapilly’s company to spiritually lead us on, it was a very fulfilling and enriching experience.
At the end of it all, we are happy that the Lord was on our journey and everything went very well and we are more than satisfied. You indeed took all the pains to ensure that we do not miss any important place, and each and every aspect of the tourage was taken due care of. While we are thankful to yourself and Patricia for all your efforts to see us happy and satisfied, we hope that the good Lord will give us opportunities to be a part of your other pilgrimages in the future. We wish you the very best in all your future endeavours.
God bless ! and sincere regards.
Tracy & Evonne Rodrigues Holy Land Pilgrimage Tour dated 24th February 2011

Mrs. Esmeralda D’Souza & Mr. Oscar D’Souza

I hope you remember me and my wife. Oscar D’Souza and Esmeralda D’Souza, who enjoyed the 13 day trip to Holyland recently. It was really a lovely trip that satisfied everybody with your wonderful arrangements.
May God the Almighty pour his abundant blessings on you and your family. I have recommended you to many friends from Belgaum who are eagerly waiting for the next trip. Kindly keep me informed of the same so that I could intimate them to get in touch with you. Our kindest regards to you, your wife and son. Thanks once again.
[email protected]

Ms. Eliano Costa

Hello Mr Jenson,
how are you? hope everything is fine.first of all myself and Ida would like to thank you for the wonderful trip (retreat) to the Holy Land and we pray for you. thanks for showing us the maximum spots you could.
Yes we noticed that and we really appreciate your generosity. My wife Ida want to thank Patricia for giving us a chance, which was at the last moment.
[email protected]
(Eliano costa – Goa)

Ms. Roopa Thomas

Dear Jenson/Patricia,
This is Roopa Thomas daughter of Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Emilda Thomas. Firstly let me Congratulate you on the successful completion of your trip!! I have written this mail to Thank-you for the excellent arrangements made.
My parents are truly appreciating the hospitality extended by you. They are of all praises on how you personally took take of their comforts. It was my wish to send my parents on this Holyland trip and was very concerned about their comfort, and you have provided them with the best of best facilities. Thanking you once again for being instrumental in fulfilling this dream. Pl keep up the good work of taking people to God’s land.
Thanks and Regards
Roopa Thomas
[email protected]

Mr. Abbey Aranjo

Hi Jenson,
We (Me and my family) are fully satisfied with your Pilgrimage tours to Holy land and Mother land of Christianity. Initially I was skeptical whether all the mentioned holy sites will be covered; you not only fulfilled all the committed sites
but also gave us enough time for prayers at the right places. What I liked the most is that your desire to make sure that we do not miss out on our spiritual blessings. The hotels were grand and luxurious and the food was excellent. I wonder how you managed (to fit in budget) to provide us with lunch and water .Even the breakfast and the dinner were very lavish much more than what we paid for. The sightseeing was awesome. It was a wonderful experience, an experience that will be cherished forever by me and my family and the spiritual growth that we have had is something that cannot be expressed in words.You blessed us with growth retreat with a spirit filled priest from Divine Retreat Center. I have been watching you, how you took special care of the senior citizens. May our Lord Jesus bless you and your family for the wonderful reach out.
Love and Prayers
Abbey Aranjo – GOA.
[email protected]

Mrs. Clare D’mello & Mr. Noel D’mello

Dear Jenson,
It is exactly a week since we returned from the pilgrimage to the Holy land and without fail each day we reflect on the beautiful experiences that we encountered through our journey. This pilgrimage was easily one of the most
beautiful experiences of our lives because not only did it help grow our faith it cemented the testimony of our Lord’s journey on earth. When we were planning the pilgrimage we were not sure as to whom we should make this important journey with and then your name came very highly recommended from people that had gone with you on this life changing experience. We must place on record that everything that we got told about it was absolutely 100% true. The singular one experience that makes you different from everybody else is that you have a personal touch to each day and through your prayer and guidance and counseling you make the experience even more beautiful, memorable and enriching. As I spoke on the last day of the journey, many of us making this pilgrimage it was a life dream come true and something that we will always treasure with fond memories and true happiness. Your choice of guides, hotel accommodation and transportation was of the highest quality and ensured a memorable and a happy journey each day. From morning to evening we kept in total captivity by the information and the visits. You can be very sure that all of us that traveled will be a testimony to the fact that you are the best at the holy land pilgrimage. Further Reihan added so much value to the pilgrimage with his presence and prayer. With deep gratitude and sincere thanks for making this pilgrimage such a beautiful and memorable journey.
Warm Regards,
Clare & Noel D’mello

Mrs. Maggie Olivera & Mr. Richard Olivera

Dear Jenson,
Heartfelt gratitudes and a big thank you for organizing the Holy Land Pilgrimage from 1st October 2013 to 12th October 2013. Even though there were many elderly people and a person needed wheel chair, you managed the Pilgrimage so well with your personalized attention.
People in India are worried about unrest in Egypt, but we were able to visit all the places without any problem. We felt it is quite normal in Egypt. We appreciate your efforts, caring and helpful nature. Accommodation, food, travel & other arrangements were excellent. Your Guides are well knowledgeable. We were touched by your selfless service. You were ready to listen and help any time and any where. May the Good Lord Bless you and your family for the good work you all are doing and give you more strength and good health to take more and more people to Holy Land and walk the way Jesus and Mother Mary walked. Thank you once again. See you sometimes. Keep in touch.
Love & Regards,
I. C. COLONY, Borivli (W),
Mumbai – 400103.

Mr. Fabian S Dsouza

Dear Mr. Jenson,
My wife and I had visited the Holy Land Pilgrimage with the tour organized by you and left Mumbai on 21st February 2012 and returned on 3rd March.I must say it was superbly organized by you and beautifully covered the holy places and holy

sites giving a wonderful idea of the biblical history of our Lord Jesus Christ from his birth to death and resurrection. The arrangements were wonderful with good hotels and food too. The local guides engaged by you in all places were excellent, well behaved and most of all very knowledgeable always willing to answer your queries. Incidentally, I have traveled a lot all over the world both in my job as well as personal; but I must frankly say your tour was well organized with prayers and masses every day in beautiful churches. I would highly recommend your tours to anyone who wishes to make this holy land pilgrimage.
Keep up the good work.
With Kind Regards
[email protected]

Mrs. Reecy & Mr. Johnson

Dear Jenson,
5th Mar 2012
This mail comes to you from the only Couple from Chennai – the Johnsons – Reecy & Johnson, who joined your Holy Land Pilgrimage from 21st Feb 2012 to 3rd Mar 2012. We are grateful to God Almighty, His Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ
and our Counsellor the Holy Spirit and also to our compassionate Mother and all the Angels & Saints who accompanied us on the Pilgrimage. We thank God for leading us to Jenson, a divine ambassador, who was instrumental in fulfilling our dream of visiting the Holy Land. We were all the more happy to have Rev Fr Mathew Naickomparambil and Rev Sis Therese from the Divine Retreat Centre, as our spiritual leaders during the pilgrimage. The entire trip was meticulously planned and organised by Jenson, who took special care to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of every pilgrim. There was no cause for worry or tension. Jenson took care of everything. It was indeed a growth retreat, as every moment of the trip was filled with prayerful sessions, praise & worship and testimonies. The visits to the Biblical places brought alive all the events narrated in the Bible and the Word of God came alive and took flesh in every discerning pilgrim. We were transported 2000 years back in history to the times of our Lord Jesus Christ and lo and behold, the feeling was as though we were in the presence of child Jesus, Mother Mary and St. Joseph and finally ending up in the presence of the crucified Saviour of the world, who rose from the dead and ascended into heaven! In fact, it was an experience similar to Luke 24: 32 – “Were not our hearts burning within us ?” We will never be the same and we will never study the Bible in the same earlier way. Almost every time we read it, we will recall and say, “we were there”. And our Lord will come alive in our midst! It was not just the New Testament which took life in us, but even the Old Testament came alive, with the history, events and places related to Abraham, Isaac, Moses, Elijah and others. The privilege of having the Holy Mass everyday was the greatest blessing, as we took part in the Eucharistic Feast as nourishing food for our Soul, Spirit and Body, beginning with the first day of landing at Mount Nebo. It kept everyone, young and old, healthy and safe during the entire trip. A memorable event was the renewal of Baptismal Vows in the River Jordan at the spot where our Lord was baptized and where the Holy Trinity was revealed concurrently. We were also overawed as we took part in the “nuptial” service at the Church of Cana – “the wedding feast and the jars of new wine” – a “fresh fire” experience indeed! And to boot it, we were given certificates of renewal of nuptial vows!!! Ash Wednesday in the Holy Land was indeed God’s plan of welfare for us. We cannot forget the “passion” we experienced as we went through the Way of the Cross that week, carrying wooden crosses, along the same path where our Lord was “wounded for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities and upon Him was the punishment that made us whole, and by His bruises we are healed .and He was oppressed and He was afflicted, yet He did not open His mouth; like a lamb that is led to the slaughter, and like a sheep that before its shearers is silent, so He did not open His mouth (Isaiah 53: 5 & 7)”. Everyone unburdened their “crosses” during the tearful course via Dolorosa. The Milk Grotto, the Holy Family Church (Old Cairo) and the Tomb of Mother Mary gave additional insights into Mariology. St. Peter’s fish was a rare delicacy, while the cruises on the Sea of Galilee and the Nile added elements of adventure and fun to the trip. The Dead Sea brought many of our pilgrims to “life” as they floated aloft on the deepest hyper-saline lake in the world which is 423 metres (1,388 ft) below sea level !!! The Sound and Light Show at the Tower of David – Jerusalem Citadel, was digitally and technically enthralling. The cable-car trip to the Mount of Temptations helped us with an aerial view of the Holy Land. The trip to Alexandria was fulfilling with a visit to the Library of Alexandria – Bibliotheca Alexandrina. The daily trips by AC Mercedes – Volvo coaches were fatigue-free and the hotels at all the places were five-star grade in service, food and comfort. The Guides and the Captains of the buses were very warm and friendly and totally dedicated to their profession, thanks to Jenson and his liaison network. Compliments and regards to them. In short, it was an awesome and incredible experience of a Spiritual Banquet with a five-star buffet every day! May our loving God, in His infinite mercy, strengthen Jenson, his wife Patricia, their kids and their team as they surrender their feeble hands into the able hands of the Almighty. Well done Jenson and may you continue your “service with a conscience” as a testimony to our Lord’s blessing. Now may the Lord bless you and keep you; may the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; may the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace! Halleluiah! PRAISE THE LORD!
Johnson & Reecy – Chennai
Wise men still seek HIM !
[email protected]

Mrs. Philomena D’sa

Dear Jenson & Patricia,
This letter on behalf of my mother Mrs. Philomena D’sa. I wanted to thank you for everything that you did to make the Holy Land pilgrimage possible. I had a wonderful time!
I didn’t know how it would be possible because I couldn’t just go over there by myself. But you made my dream possible. Not only was I able to go the Holy Land, thanks to you, but I was able to go under the best possible circumstances. To go with a group of fellow Traditional Catholics on a holy pilgrimage with an excellent Catholic tour guide and great priests to give us daily Mass and the sacraments, it just couldn’t get better! Thank you so much for all of your hard works that made this possible. I still can’t believe that I have actually walked in the footsteps of Our Lord and seen and touched those places that are so sacred and so important to our Faith. What a tremendous blessing! I only pray that I was able to obtain all of the graces that were made possible to me. I enjoyed meeting everyone in the group, all of the pilgrims seemed to get along well and enjoy each others company. By the end of the pilgrimage it felt like we were all a big family. It was so much fun. I was so impressed with Jenson, our organizer. Mr. Jenson was fantastic and he did an excellent job. I must also say that I felt safe the whole time we were there. I could honestly say that I didn’t have to worry because I felt so safe. I trusted you all, Mr Jenson, and of course, God. Thank you again for all of your hard work prior to and during the pilgrimage. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the opportunity to go to all of those holy places. It is a wonderful work that you are accomplishing and I pray that God will richly reward you for it. I hope to see you again someday soon. We’ll see what God’s plans are for me.
God Bless you and keep you always.
Best Wishes,
Mrs. Philomena D’sa
[email protected]
Mob # 982-011-2059

Dr. Mariella Afonso

Dear Jenson,
It is with a Grateful heart that I pen down these few lines to you. Am extremely touched for all that you did for my people who just finished their Holy Land tour with you.
In a very special way for you going out of your way concerning my mother (Adelaide Afonso). I would have never thought this to materialize taking her age into consideration; the only reason I went ahead was because of you Jenson whom I personally experienced in 2010. In the world of today where everything is so commercialised you stand out as an example of consistency and improvement, which I am sure would take you a very long way in your future endeavors. With the number of people you lead to God with such an open heart and with an abundance of love added to it, God would shower his choicest blessings on you, your family and your work. Hope to travel with you once again (God willing). Anitha gave me a complete synopses reference this second trip of hers with you. Thanking you once again.
Affectionately Yours, Dr. Mariella Afonso
[email protected] (Goa).
P.S.: I have and will always continue to recommend Jenson Worldwide.

Mrs. Louella Lopez & Mr. Charles Lopez

Dear Jenson John,
As all good things comes to an end,so be it with this tour 11th March – 22nd March,2014, Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! I do not have enough words to thank you, 
but yes ‘Thank You’ and may God shower his blessings in all that you do, and continue doing, for the comfort to the Pilgrims who visit the ‘HOLY Land’ through ‘Jenson Worldwide Tours’. We appreciate you going out of the way to see that the whole group was comfortable, be it while travelling by Bus, in Hotels, celebrating Holy Mass at various Holy Places. Not forgetting the appetizing buffets you gave us.
May God Bless You.
Regards Charles & Louella Lopez
[email protected]

Sr. Martha Mandal

Dear Jenson,
5/4/2011 Prayerful greetings to you. I write few lines to say thanks for the services you have given to our group. You have taken up a great mission which the Lord has entrusted to you.
I am a person, who is under medication nearly 11 months and I am not able to walk for a long time and many had adviced me not to go for the trip. But I had decided to go as I was adamant that the Lord will see to the need, after all I am going to see His Native place. I had entrusted myself to Him. The Lord has indeed taken care of me. I have visited without any difficult. He had indeed taken care of me. Thanks to our BELOVED LORD. Heartfelt thanks to Jenson thanks for organising the trip which I have no words.
Once again my thanks and God Bless.
With regards,
Sr. Martha Mandal
[email protected]

Ms. A.Chandriga

Thanks to a dear brother,
Praise THE LORD-Halleluiah.Dear brother since it is my late mail but ever green memoirs of thoughts regarding my HOLY LAND trip with you when i attend the service in the church
when the gospel reading takes place immediately my thoughts remind you and Fr Michael. The prayers, the homily and the holy masses in the basilicas are really a golden opportunities in my life. Beyond this your non commercial efforts to the people are appreciable and applaudable.your caring and loving effotrs are immeasurable.Even at home unableto managea single senior citizen but totally how wonderfully you managed the whole people. Dear brother all you do for the sake of GOD will bring you and your family a long life,richness and honour today and your life through.Since i was the only one from extremely south all our pilgrims were very lovable and concern. once again my heart felt thanks and wishes.
your loving sister

Ms. Natty Rose Pesso

I Ms Natty Rose Pesso, I’m blessed to tour ISRAEL for the 5th time in 2011, well this time I was with Jenson Worldwide Tours, an ad. that caught my eye through “The Examiner”. On top of it is a scripture verse from Judges 18/6 – “You have nothing to worry about, the 

Lord is taking care of you on this journey”. True to the WORD OF GOD the Lord God Almighty protected us. The Planning for the tour was really meticulous down to the littlest detail. The tour included all sights mentioned in the ad. for example Bethlehem, Nazareth, Cana, Jericho, Galilee Mt. Zion, Mt. Tabor, Mt. of Beatitudes – which are the beautiful attitudes of of JESUS, Mt. of the Olives – Jerusalem, Jerusalem the City of God, where I always feel His presence very strongly, for there is no place on planet earth like the city of my God – Jerusalem, Psalm 122/6 “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem that shall prosper that love thee” Psalm 125- 1/2 “They that trust in the Lord they are like Mount Zion which cannot be removed but abideth forever. As the mountains are round about Jerusalem so the Lord is round about his people hence forth and forever more.” In praise to our God and Jerusalem I quote:- QUOTE :- “There is a saying that there are ten measures of beauties in the universe, nine belong to Jerusalem and one to the rest of the world. Those who have not seen Jerusalem in all her glory have not seen the most beautiful city in the world. Holy to Judism, Christainity and Islam, ISRAEL is known to have a hundred names and one thousand faces and is truly a JEWEL in the crown – Israel. UNQUOTE: – The tour was very well orgainsed Hospitality and co-ordination were the Hallmarks of the tour and we were served all three King size meals.An enjoyable boat ride on the sea of Galilee and dancing to tune of Hebrew songs – AND not forgetting eating St. Peter’s Fish on the shores of Galilee. So if you have never been to Israel before then what are you waiting for – Israel is just a phone call away talk to Jenson complete the formatilites and you will find youself walking in footsteps of OUR LORD AND THE BIBLE COME UP ALIVE AT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. I have been on 6 international trips and this one seventh, and I can genuinely say that I have received such wonderful care and treatment like never before. Jenson Worldwide Tour was the first in the Tour Industry, to take us to SOUND AND LIGHT SHOW A NIGHT SPECTACULAR at David Citadel. Since Egypt was out due to Country’s revolution – we opted for PETRA one of seven wonders of the world, a five star stay which is equivalent to 3 days stay in Jerusalem at no extra cost – Thankyou Jensen. For Jensen look on his tours as his ministry with no monetary gain. I repeat, If you have never been to ISRAEL before then what are you waiting for now is the time, and if you have already been – then ISRAEL BECKONS YOU – COME AGAIN , COME AGAIN
MUMBAI 10th March 2011
[email protected]

Mrs. Ophelia Barretto & Mr. Michael Barretto

We had the most amazing and blessed trip September 2015. Motherland Tour of Europe. Jenson is a warm and dynamic personality just loved the locations selected by him. Had a Spiritual awakening on this trip. Enjoyed the sightseeing part of the trip too.

Thanks to Patricia too for the support. No complains loved everything about the trip. Thank you and God bless.
Michael and Ophelia Barretto
[email protected]

Ms. Ubaldina Coutinho​

My Recent Trip to the Holy Land on April 23rd 2012
This is a testimony that I, Mrs. Ubaldina Coutinho, would like to share with all of you, my trip was planned for the holy land and was anticipating for the day. When the day came I was relieved that

finally the day has come and can travel with no hinderance. On the day of travel I received a call from my daughter in law that my son Francis Coutinho was not well and was taken to the hospital due to chest pain. I was reluctant to travel, then one of my sons told me to go ahead and this may be one of the reason that wants to keep you away from travelling. I prayed to the Lord and surrendered my sons health and proceeded to the holy land. During my visit to the holy land I also prayed alot for everybody, and then thinking of my son prayed again to the Lord that “Lord before I make back home I would like to see my sons back home from the hospital” On the day I arrived my eldest son and his wife were at the airport to receive me, they mentioned that Francis was out of the hospital and doing well after going under a minor medical procedure. With this news I was relieved and immediately praised the Lord. I specially want to thank the organizers and all the people who traveled with me, specially to those who helped me during this trip in whatever they could whether offering their seats in the aircraft or helping me make up the steps. Lastly to all those who have prayed for me to make all this possible.
Praise the Lord,
In Jesus
Ubaldina Coutinho
[email protected]

Ms. Sunita Saldanha

Jenson, Hi.
Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who have planned the trip to the minutest detail. It was nothing less than superb! Every little detail from checking in of baggage, allocation of boarding passes, seats 

in buses, rooms, food arrangements,  entry charges was looked into. There was a personal touch to every facility received and the experience is recommended. Personal care to belongings and facilities gave the edge. To quote an example – the shelf at the border was asked to be clean to place the passports on! Comfort of travelling is another important factor. Bearing in mind the age group of travellers, who are mostly people above the age of 55 and in most cases travelling on their own; the itinerary is planned in a way to avoid any inconvenience. The orientation before the program gives you pointers in what to expect and how to ensure this comfort too. Another noteworthy point is, it is absolutely safe for first time travellers and single women travellers too. The guidelines are laid for travel before the travel date and at the end of each day the program for the next day is confirmed. The days schedule is planned in a realistic way taking into account that most of the places involve steps, either up or down. The pilgrims comfort is priority, with advise on what shoes and bag to carry too. Also for additional comfort, what to carry is also mentioned. The experience of living in the land of the Lord and touching things that He did is beyond comprehension; but to be able to do it at such an economical cost…. A must do. The tour guides are knowledgeable and patient and its amazing how much more there is to what we know. In terms of cost, its hardly 10k a day which in today’s times, when we go to a restaurant for a meal with family spend 2k in 2 hrs. If we travel for leisure to SE Asia, a package could cost nothing less than 35k for lesser no. of days with just B&B. Local travel to Goa / Kerala costs 25k for,less than a week. Comparing this, to the no. of days and facilities its TOTAL VALUE FOR MONEY; as the cost involved includes all meals and transfers. Additionally, the boat ride, cruise and sea experiences are fun to sit back and relax making the trip more enjoyable. The trip covers places that do not exist anywhere else too like the Dead Sea and the Pyramids, which are memorable. A christening / communion party costs on an average 60k at the minimum. And it is important to rather focus on the facilities and comfort than the cost, just as we would pick a branded pair of jeans worth 2k to a local one of 250. I witnessed direct comparison with another group who were travelling but I highly recommend Jenson Worldwide for this experience. God bless the team behind this for making it possible for us to experience all this.
Sunita Saldanha
[email protected]

Mrs. Mayflor D’souza & Mr. Allan D’souza

Dear Brother Jenson,
Praise the Lord, this letter is to thank you on behalf of my wife and self for the Holy land pilgrimage tour arranged by your company which started on the 25th November to 6th December. Though this letter is a bit late but it was a must to express our gratefulness.

It was a real blessing to our family and it was beyond our expectations. Right from the start at Mumbai airport through Jordan, Israel, Egypt and back to Mumbai you have blessed us with good flights, great Hotels, lavish food, plenty of water, good tour guides daily Holy mass and above all a great atmosphere. Your knowledge and guidance was an added advantage to the tour. I take this opportunity once again to thank you, your family and team in organizing such a wonderful trip and would have no hesitation in recommending my friends and people who want to visit the Holy Land. God Bless you and your team in fulfilling all that you have started for the Good Lord
Allan & Mayflor D’souza
[email protected]

Mr. Terence Lewis

I took the Jenson Worldwide Tours to the Holy Land with my Father who is an octogenarian at 83 and was pleasantly surprised at how well it was organised! Jenson came highly recommended by some associates of mine and I wondered what was the big fuss about him, till I actually went on the trip! 

From convenient flights and Volvo busses to 3 and 5 star hotel bookings to visits to innumerable sites where Jesus lived and preached his ministry and exotic locations of three countries Jordan, Israel, Egypt.. all of it covered in a very economical budget and truly satisfying! The best thing about Jenson is that he is personally involved in every detail of the tour, extremely patient with the people on tour, loves to tell stories and entertain us with his charming demeanour and has the maturity to handle any difficult situation putting the people at ease! The twelve days was a breeze and contrary to what I thought that it Wd be hectic, it was hectic cause there is so much to see but the weather, the company of priests and nuns and all the lovely old people with their faith and the picturesque and architectural wonders, kept my mood upbeat! The best thing is that there are actually no hidden costs! It’s all in the package! If u are deep into the faith or even if u just need to simply explore it as a lover of history, it’s a worthwhile trip and easy on the pocket!
Highly Recommended!
Terence Lewis
[email protected]

Ms. Greta Marquis

Jenson Worldwide Tours with Jenson at the helm of affairs on the motherland tour of Europe dated 23rd of Sept to the 16th of oct deserve accolades beyond compare. Being a layperson Jenson, Your spirituality and simplicity – astounding Your earnestness and enthusiasm – prudent and self-assuring

Your zeal & zest – incomparable Your breakfast, lunch, dinner – sumptuous Your hotel accommodations and coaches – blissful & luxuriant Your coverage of countries – exhaustive opening magic casements Your visit to Lourdes, Fatima, to the Cathedrals and to the line up of saints and last but not the least to our encounter with the Holy Father – Pope Francis – a dream came true. Truly your determination, dedication, devotion and discipline are – the hallmarks of your success. Kudos to you Jenson. “The future does not belong to those who are content with today, it belongs to those who blend vision, reason , courage and personal commitment.
Miss Greta Marquis
Ex Teacher St. Joseph’ Malad.
[email protected]

Mrs. Annie & Mr. Gladstone Dias

Dear Jenson & Patricia,
I, Gladstone & my wife Annie Dias, would like to convey all our (Sincere Thanks / Appreciations), to you’ll for all the correspondence done through Mail / Mobile, in making the last trip to the Holy Land Highly Fruitful / Beneficial ! The trip was really Very 

Good / Superb ! Everything was very well planned / arranged, to all the Pilgrims to & fro ! Really we all enjoyed with Quality / Comfort, all the Religious Holy Sites, plus the Transport / Food / Accommodations, in Hotels. So I / We, take this opportunity, on behalf of the group, to wish Mr.Jenson, once again, all our Sincere Thanks / Appreciations, with God Blessings too ! Three Cheers ! HIP-HIP-HURRAY !!! We will surely pass / spread the word around to all our Families / Relatives / Friends / Societies / Communities / Parishes as well!

B’Rgds / All the very best & have a nice day !

Mr. Gladstone Anthony Dias,
[email protected]
Cassius – Apartment – 2 / A,
I.C.Colony, Cross Road No.1.
Borivali – West,
Mumbai – 400103.
Mobile : 9819456173.
Email : [email protected]


Ms. Cerena & Ms. Salvation Coutinho

Dear Mr.Jenson,
It takes us great pleasure to thank u for the wonderful and memorable Holy land tour u had given to us all last month in November 2012, I and my sister Salvation Coutinho, thank u for the same, because after seeing all these beautiful Holy places,
it only gave us a feeling Yes it was worth it,and worth it, as everything was taken care of by you, a well planned Journey to cover the maximum holy places. Also it was pocket friendly, wherein we have noticed that we did not have to pay a single paise for the 12 days tour for anything, You had kept up with your promise. I am also happy that I had cancelled my Singapore trip and thought about first making a visit to the HOLY LAND. This was indeed God’s will for me.. Also loved the food, the Hotels, and the 98 people in our group. Everything was fun , climbing the mountain of Temptation, Sailing in the sea of Galilee, Taking a dip in the Jordan river, the Dead sea experience, the Cruise on the Nile, the light and sound show at King Davids tower, the Cable car ride, the Pyramids, and travelling through the suez tunnel,the Milk Grotto, AND the beautiful Churches that we should be proud of as Christians We were also very happy to meet your wife Patricia and your two beautiful children, Angelina and Aden, and were happy to spend our time with them. Yes happy and have informed most of my friends about Jenson World wide Tours if in case they do think about making a trip to Holy Land. All the best for this great work u are doing for we Christians , where it has become totally easy to make this trip, as once the details are given to you by us, we are free and you do the rest for our comfort and safe tour like a good Master taking care of his sheep.
[email protected]

Ms. Sabina Talpade​

Dear Jenson,
Praise the Lord!
Now that we are safely back home I want to take this opportunity to thank you very much for a spirit filled Holyland visit. Everything was way beyond my expectation. It was truly indeed a growth retreat

with a difference. The way you took care of all the pilgrims, the hotels we stayed, the food we ate etc….etc. were par excellence. God Bless you. The tour itself was blessed because of the presence of Fr. Matthew and Sis Theresa….I could feel the difference when they left. For me the Bible just came alive. Only one suggestion which please take in good spirit… the beach resort in Nuweiba on the banks of the Red Sea was really very good but did not really get to enjoy the beach so may be one extra night with some time at the beach would be nice. In fact many pilgrims had the same view. This is just a suggestion, ignore it if it does not work in your tour schedule.
On a separate note, the short discussion we had with regard to the fear of some harm coming to my son from an age old property dispute (something that is not directly related to us) and strangely the dream I got that very night rattled me completely. I normally do not get dreams so when I got the dream immediately after our conversation shook me up completely. Don’t know if it is just a coincidence. I prayed to the Lord then that people normally pray for dreams to come true but in this case I pleaded with Him not to let it come true. As per your instructions I have started reading Ps 73 and Sirach 2 but would like to request you to please speak with Fr. Babu or any other priests you speak with about this and let me know what this is all about and if there is anything I need to do will gladly do it. As I said he is my only son and I fear for his safety.
Just before I left for the tour my contract with a multinational company expired and now am busy calling up placement agencies for a job. Trusting in the Lord that something will come by soon. Please do keep us in your prayer.
It will be three years this May that my husband passed away. Sharing herewith the tribute I paid to him at his memorial service.
Once again thank you very much and I ask God to bless you with his abundance and wish you all success for the Convention you are planning in September this year. If there is any way I can be of help to you please feel free to let me know.
Kind regards,
Sabina Talpade [email protected]

Ms. Bernie Fernandes

“I cannot refrain from writing this note of appreciation to Jenson John”.
My daughter Lynda and I have just returned from the trip to Holy Land with the ‘Jenson Worldwide Tours’.
Before the trip, I really was not aware of what to expect from the trip.
I had just glanced through the itinerary; in fact my daughters actually read through it and I went along with it. Yes, Jenson during the pre-trip meeting briefed us, who were present, about a lot of things. I, heartily and sincerely thank Jenson and his group for making this trip a really memorable one for me and my daughter (who was the youngest in the group). Jenson showed his passion about Holy Land by narrating many of his previous experiences. When and if one reads between the lines of his narrations, one realizes Jenson’s compassion, zeal and commitment to the Lord!!! He tries to know and understand each person who accompanies him on the trip and knows each person by name even though we had no name tags on. He wants every person to feel his enthusiasm. His commitment to the cause is very commendable!!!! Even the talk on health and nutrition was inspiring. He is helpful and patient, though at times people felt restricted; that’s because one should have some discipline if one wants to achieve something!!! I am really inspired and thanks to Jenson, I am spiritually enriched!! Yes, the bus travels, hotel stays were very good; the food was as per my palate (I enjoy when someone else cooks for me). For me, it was an amazing experience. I must advise all youth who plan to travel with Jenson; He has lots up his sleeve for people of every age, you all will not be disillusioned!!!!
Thanks and God Bless!!
Jenson Worldwide Tours!!
Bernie Fernandes
[email protected]

Mrs. Anselm Saldanha & Mr. Jacinta Saldanha

Dear Jenson & Patricia,
Just two words will say it all- Thank you.
Jacinta and myself with our family members, Arthur Lewis, Lancelot Lewis, Rose Nazareth & Cynthia Lewis, are very happy being members of the Motherland pilgrimage program of Sept/Oct 2015.

The shrines selected and the routing to each place of worship, with maximum coverage of these shrines is much appreciated. We are well aware of the logistics involved in this full exercise and have nothing but satisfaction and a big one at that for the entire program. The selection of hotels was good and also the meals provided during the entire trip. The meals especially were filling and had variety and quantity at each meal. We had the best of you, Jenson, on all the road trips, keeping us all occupied with prayer, sing song and of course your stories of friends … Our best wishes are with you both, on your efforts, to make it possible for persons like us, to visit places of worship, within a short span of time. We now have loads of memories in terms of documents collected at these shrines, photos which were shared with family all over the world. This pilgrimage has enhanced our religious strengths a thousand fold. May the blessings be not only with us but also with you both.
Thanks & God Bless,
Anselm & Jacinta Saldanha
AJS < [email protected] >
13 October 2015
Last but not the least, we have made many new friends during this trip.
You had to witness the scenes at Rome airport before we boarded our flight – happiness at making new friends and sad at seeing an end to a happy many days of togetherness.
Anselm & Jacinta Saldanha
[email protected]

Mrs. Agnel Pereira & Mr. Joyce Pereira

Dear Jenson and Patricia,
We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the excellent work that you both have been doing. The 17 days trip to the Motherland of Christianity – Europe was very efficiently planned and organized.
We left on 9th July, 2015 and returned on 26th July, 2015. The hotel accommodation was very good and the breakfast, lunch and dinner was sumptuous. This was truly a memorable and happy journey for us, which we would have never been able to cover all the religious places, without your hard work and efforts it would not have been possible. The places and your itinerary were very comprehensive and you planned all the main places for us patrons to visit. We feel truly blessed and closer to God after our trip. Apart from this remarkable journey that has left a lasting imprint in our hearts we have made some very good friends from our group. Thank you again for all the hard work prior and during the pilgrimage. You made it all the more memorable with the many testimonies you related to us. Keep up the good work. God bless you both and please keep us informed of other religious tour packages you will be planning in the future. We will definitely recommend our families and friends regarding your tours.
Best Wishes
Agnel and Joyce Pereira
Mob. 9987840996
[email protected]

Ms. Corrine Fernandes

“I cannot refrain from writing this note of appreciation to Jenson John”.
This is to say “Thank You”  JENSON for the lovely, well-organized tour to Holy Land which left our entire group  (29 Oct-9 Nov)  in awe and spiritually fulfilled.
Truly as said by you  … the trip to the Holy Land has had miracles in  my life on returning back home to Bombay.
Corrine Fernandes

Mrs. Jessie Noronha & Mr. Stany Noronha

Hello Jenson,
Hope you are doing well. We just returned to Chicago after spending some time with our daughter in Italy.
We both really want to thank you for the wonderful tour we had with you. Though we were travelling in the bus covering hundreds of miles every day, 

we did not feel that much tired mainly because of your humor in the bus and the sufficient break you gave in between. Every one was looking forward for you to take up the microphone and address the crowd with your humor. We can confidently say that the tour would not have been the same without you accompanying us. The main reason we made this trip was because of the Holy Land tour we made with you in March, 2014. We appreciate the care and concern you show for all,specially the senior citizens. We want to stress that you give more importance to include visits to as many places of interest as possible. Also the hotels and the food you arranged were comfortable and good. This evidently proves that your priority is the spiritual enrichment of the pilgrims and also the pleasure aspect , not caring to make as much profit as possible, May God bless you in your endeavours. God willing we would love to make another trip with you in the future, provided that you accompany the tour.!!
With warm regards,
Jessie and Stany Noronha.
[email protected]

Ms. Candy

Hello Jenson,
I am writing this email to THANK YOU for the SPLENDID Holy Land Tour ( Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt) that was organised by you from 23.10.17 to 03.11.17 and for your impeccable arrangements and attention to detail, especially towards senior citizens.
My Mom and I had a wonderful time on this trip. The Holy Mass that was held each day at locations that are so biblically significant to us touched us that much more. This would not have been possible on our own.
Kind Regards,
[email protected]

Mr. John Dsouza

Mr. Jenson what can I say?
The tour I took with my wife Helen commencing on 23 Oct 2017 was a Total Spiritual Experience (Not that I am a very Spiritual person)
But the way you conducted the tour hats off to you& your Guides who were a part of your team. I must say that your attention to detail in every aspect was excellent. The spirituality part was when you held a mass on every day of the trip in the best of locations which was really very impressive. Your talks and the way you guided us to pray for intentions based on the location we were praying was really mesmerising. – Mass at Mount Nebo the place where Moses was granted a view of the Promised Land. – Mass at The Home of Jesus in Capernaum
– Mass at Cana where the first miracle attributed to Jesus
– Mass @ Sheperds field the place where, the angels first announced the birth of Christ.
– Mass at St John The Baptist Birth place
– Mass at Church of all nations where Jesus prayed before he was arrested
What more could anyone ask for.
The tour was just super right from Mount Nebo, To the way of the cross and the sepulchre church (the Tomb)leading to Golgotha or Calvary where Jesus was crucified, to the Mount of Temptation, Sailing on the Sea of Galilee having St Peter Fish for lunch, Climbing Mount olives to the garden of Gethsemane, the church of all nations where the agony took place.Mount Zion visiting St Peter in Gallicantu where he denied Jesus three times, The Church of Visitation where Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth. Mount of Temptation by cable car followed by a super lunch way above with a splendid view. Mount Tabor , The burning Bush, I could go on and on about places we visited …….but to end it the cruise on the Nile with dinner and the Pyramids concluded the tour to a beautiful and memorable end. The food that was served was really above standard and what we expected including the Hotel we stayed in great selection on your part. Water the most important commodity was made available in abundance. I did see other tours that were alongside ours and they were filling their bottles in the restaurants while we were given unlimited supply of bottled water. The way you showed concern to the elders was very well taken by those who were finding it difficult to move around. Cost wise it was very economical and I would highly recommend Jenson World Wide to all for the experience that we had. God Bless you and your family for the good work you are doing fulfilling dreams of those who want to travel in The footsteps of our Lord.
We will look you up for the tour ‘Motherland of Christianity” Thank you again John Dsouza [email protected]

Mr. Piedade Fernandes

Thank you very much for your touching email.
I’ve traveled with Jenson Worldwide Tours to Holy Land, Motherland of Christianity  and  Singapore /Melacca /Malaysia and
I had an awesome time and an experience, which I’ll cherish till my last day on this earth. Seeing these places makes my mind feel that our Abba Father has created this world so beautiful and how much he loves us. I’m praying for you, Patricia and yr daughter to give you all the best of health and the wisdom to fulfill this mission of spiritual/leisure travelling, which you are doing for God’s people.
God bless you and your family.
Thanks and regards,
Piedade Fernandes
[email protected]

Mrs. Philomena & Mr. Ernest Flanagan

[email protected]

Mr. Deep Caston

Hi Jenson,
My name is Parcker Caston….writting this mail on behalf of my mum Mary Caston…………….Want to thank you for the wonderful experience your warm hospitality and a smooth transition of the tour

of The Holyland………..It would have been a regret if my mum would have not travelled with your tour , but i am glad she was able to make it . She would thank you for everything that you’ve provided on this tour and she is Extremely happy with the work that your doing and looking forward to travel again very soon…..
Deep Caston
[email protected]


Ms. Corrine

This is to say “Thank You” JENSON for the lovely, well-organized tour to Holy Land which left our entire group (29 Oct-9 Nov) in awe and spiritually fulfilled. Truly as said by you … the trip to the Holy Land has had miracles in my life on returning back 

home to Bombay. I have raved so much about the wonderful HOLYLAND tour to my friends & neighbors in IC Colony Borivali, that I’m sure they will RUSH to contact you. So much so, that when they bought the Examiner magazine they told me that Jensons has stopped advertising. So I told them it’s now all thru word-of-mouth & the tours get filled in a jiffy. So I’ve given them your contact number & email.
From: CORRINE (Group of 29th Oct to 9th Nov 2016)
[email protected]

Ms. Josephine Godinho

Hi Patricia & Jenson,
Thank you for your assistance in guiding me to the recently concluded trip. Your assurance, and like you had said, trusting in Mother Mary, has made it possible for me to be on board with the

others.Also, a special Thank you to Mr Jenson for the care we received on the trip with the sumptuous food and drink he lavished upon us. And I cannot forget the extended moments of prayer time he allowed us at some places, if not all. So Thanking Mr Jenson once again. Carried some good memories back with me from this trip.
Josephine Godinho


Ms. Veera Pias

I like to share my testimony with you. I have been suffering from wheezing since my childhood,but after my visit to holy land under your guidance.I am enjoying good health. 

So I thank the Lord for his grace.drop in a thanks message during your visit to the holy place.
Praise the Lord,
Veera Pias.

Mrs. Sylvie Baptista & Mr. Cornel Baptista

Hi Jenson,
Thank you very much for taking us on a pilgrimage to the Holy land. We had an awesome spirit filled pilgrimage. 

Our whole group was wonderful. Good memories.
Thanks n God bless. Regards
Cornel n Sylvie Baptista

Mrs. Maria Mendes & Mr. Stephen Mendes

Hi Jenson and Patricia,
Thanks for the wonderful tour of Scandinavia. We had a good time and were able to see the main attraction – MIDNIGHT SUN.
Cruises and Train Journeys were amazing apart from good meals and hotels. In short it was a memorable experience with Jenson. Looking forward to more such memorable trips with you.
Thanks & Regards,
Stephen Mendes,

Mr. Lincoln Anthony & Mrs. Philomena Das

Respected Sir/Madam,
Wishing you and your family A Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year . I and my Mother  Pray To God To Bless you Abundantly for the The most precious work done by you is getting people like us  more  closure to The Almighty God. 
Keep Up the good work God Bless you and your Family.
Lincoln Anthony.
Philomena Das.

Mr. Henry Dsouza & Mrs. Leena Dsouza

Hi Jenson
Just want to appreciate you for the well organized tour. We had a nice time. Today morning when I got up I was so confused to know which hotel we were in Later I realised that’s our five star hotel. On the whole really enjoyed. 

Only all sweet memory’s r left. You have well taken care of all of us. Thank God each and every one was hail and hearty Thank you once again for everything. God bless you and take care of yourself and your family.
Henry Leena

Mrs. Berthilda Mendes

I am Berthilda Mendes age 72 before going on the tour my legs were very weak I was unable to work I use to see people much behind me racing before me I use to carry what has happened to me why are my legs gone so weak, but I didn’t tell anyone at home or they would cancel my trip that was my fear but 

God was with me n His angels that was my belief. I on my own couldn’t even dream of this trip I really couldn’t effort one day when I came from Sunday mass I went to see my daughter my son in law said to me I want to fulfill your dreams, I told him how you know my dreams n what is it he said Europe trip I just couldn’t say yes as it’s a big amount, he looked into my eyes n said I know you like to go n immediately paid the amount. I was so sick any time I would get convulsions n everyone msgs I was receiving from India n abroad don’t go ( don’t send her) I was very sad but my faith was strong I didn’t ask for this God has decided for me he will make a way.I was very happy till than I was recovering I was saying Praise the Lord. ten days before again I had problem of walking n they were saying that you hv to walk a lot, the day I reached Rome there was strength in my legs till the end I was always first to walk even racing the men Jenson must have noticed that. On the whole I enjoyed the trip hotels n food especially Jensen’s stories God bless Jenson tours may you God given ministry taking the pilgrim’s flourish n God’s strength be with you to menage the pilgrim’s I know its a tuff task.


Mrs. Nancy D’Souza

Hi Jenson,
Thank you for the very well organised trip, you made me feel very comfortable as you were very easily approachable. I described my trip to my children who said you seem to be a very good person to which

they said we should travel with you whenever and wherever we plan to go next, probably a shorter one as this was very tiring for a 62 year old me. I will surely recommend your services to my friends and family and look ahead to join you again on another trip soon. 
Thank you.
Nancy D’Souza


Mrs. Bernie Fernandes

“I cannot refrain from writing this note of appreciation to Jenson John”. My daughter Lynda and I have just returned from the trip to Holy Land with the ‘Jenson Worldwide Tours’. Before the trip, I really was not aware of
what to expect from the trip. I had just glanced through the itinerary; in fact my daughters actually read through it and I went along with it.  Yes, Jenson during the pre-trip meeting briefed us, who were present, about a lot of things.
I, heartily and sincerely thank Jenson and his group for making this trip a really memorable one for me and my daughter (who was the youngest in the group).
Jenson showed his passion about Holy Land by narrating many of his previous experiences.  When and if one reads between the lines of his narrations, one realizes Jenson’s compassion, zeal and commitment to the Lord!!!    He tries to know and understand each person who accompanies him on the trip and knows each person by name even though we had no name tags on.  He wants every person to feel his enthusiasm.   His commitment to the cause is very commendable!!!!  Even the talk on health and nutrition was inspiring.   He is helpful and patient, though at times people felt restricted; that’s because one should have some discipline if one wants to achieve something!!!
I am really inspired and thanks to Jenson, I am spiritually enriched!!
Yes, the bus travels, hotel stays were very good; the food was as per my palate (I enjoy when someone else cooks for me).    For me, it was an amazing experience.  I must advise all youth who plan to travel with Jenson; He has lots up his sleeve for people of every age, you all will not be disillusioned!!!!

Thanks and God Bless!!  Jenson Worldwide Tours!!