We both are thankful to you

Hello, Jenson, good evening, Hallelujah,

How are you and your family ? This is Mrs. Leena Nair, wife of Mr. Raghu Nair, one of the participant in your recent piligrimage dated 22nd May, 2018 to Mother Land.

At the outset we both are thankful to you from the bottom of our hearts for taking all of us safely to all the holy places and bringing safely back. We also appreciate your personal care and attention rendered to each & everyone. Hats off to you Jenson. This was not an easy task. You are really and truely blessed by our Mother Mary and Jesus.

We are extremely happy and fully satisfied every days’ accommodation and food provided for us. Also all those guides are the best no doubt about them. Also those captains contineously driving and taking us so carefully are great. They too render their help to everyone whenever we needed them without any hesitate. Incase, we need to travel somewhere, sometime we hope to meet you again. Jenson, I tell you from the bottom of my heart that you are a unique person. Understanding everyone’s problems to the best of your ability and comforting everyone which is not very easy. I prayed to God to keep you & your family with good health always and bless you in thousands folds in your life. 2 couples from our Legend Building, Vakola are going with you to Holy Land in your coming trip. Both are know to us. We told them about our recent experience with you to Mother Land.

Once again we thank you very much.

Leena Nair.

From: leena nair <leenanair1956@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Jun 18, 2018 at 6:02 PM
Subject: Mother Land piligrimage dated 22nd May,2018.
To: <jensonworldwide@gmail.com>