Jesus had done miracle on me

Dear Mr.Jenson

When we were in HolyLand (April May 2018) Jesus had done miracle on me “John” on my behalf my wife Wendy has drafted the testimoney. Thank you Jenson & entire team of Jenson worldwide. Proof is attached.


I Wendy Gonsalves staying at Malad want to testify Our Lord Jesus’s mysterious miracle for my husband John.

John had been to Dr Kumta, eye specialist at Malad on 24th October’17. Special tests were conducted for his eyes. Dr then gave him the report that one of his eye had a micro hole. Since he could not see clearly with one eye he had to change his spectacle with higher number. He was told that there is no medication for the eye and to come for check up
after 6 months.

We went on a tour to Holy Land from April 25th to 1st May’18 which was very spiritual for us.

After our return John had visited Dr. Kumta on 28th June’18. Dr. again performed the same test on the eyes. He was told to wait for the reports.
Dr called John in his cabin & began to smile which he never usually does. He asked John do you want hear the good news. ” The micro hole in your eye has been filled up and that its 100% a miracle. As this is next to impossible and it has never happened to anyone in the past. The photograph of both the tests are attached herewith with the dates of the tests & the
arrows in red which shows the micro hole which has patched up. I must say that it is truly God’s mysterious and compassionate miracle.

I praise and thank Our three in one God The Holy Trinity, Our Blessed Mother Mary & all the Holy Angels & Saints for healing John’s eye. If we surrender & put our total faith in Our Saviour He can turn the impossible to possible. We can be healed thru” Jesus’s Precious blood.

We have to just believe that God has already granted your petitions & He knows all your needs before you know them. Father God, Jesus & Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, Holy Angel’s & Saints we thank you, praise you, glorify you, & lift your Name on high. You are the King of Kings & Lord of Lords.

There is no one like You. I know You will continue to take care of us & our family. We love You, Jesus.

Thanks and regards
John J Gonsalves
4, La Charmaine C.H.S
Tank Road, Orlem, Malad (W)
Mumbai-400 064