Praise the Lord

My family & myself thank Jesus Christ for the wonderful experiences and blessings we received in visiting the Holy Land Pilgrimage through Jenson Worldwide Tours.

Right from the place of birth of our Lord Jesus up to his crucifixion and resurrection.

Stations of the Cross were another touching Holy Sight to see in the Holy Land.

It was a blessed experience to have a Bishop & 12 priests in this pilgrimage as if we were enjoying the holy mass with Christ and his 12 disciples.

We prefer and recommend Jenson Worldwide Tours as on each Pilgrimage he personally takes care and looks after each and every Pilgrim. I am sure everyone feels the same like me as of being at home without any botheration at all.

May GOD bless him & his family.

Rocky Rebello
Radha Nagar Complex,
Kalyan (West)