For me it was a retreat

Dear Mr Jenson & Patricia

Had a wonderful experience at the pilgrimage.. For me it was a retreat .. a time to connect with god and talk to him.. and that’s the reason I barely spoke unless required.. But it was an awesome experience . .. At the tomb of Lazarus …when entering I entered on my knees and ended up scrapping my left hand on the rock.. Infact Charles even remarked why I was in such a hurry.. But Praise God.. it was the same hand I had injured a year ago and the pain in the last 2 fingers was still there. Infact during the mass in the Church of Martha & Mary the pain was there. And when I came out of the tomb after some time the place where the hand had scraped was red but the pain had vanished. I told Fr Mathew about it…

Felt a lot peaceful after the retreat .. Had come with lots of sorrow in my heart.. But with all the prayers of Fr Mathew, Sr Therese, yourself and Johnson really helped.. Felt A LOT OF PEACE.. In the last few days I missed my father and sister’s presence…

The psalms that you have asked to read have been helping me a lot.. In Fact the part that you spoke about humiliation really touched home.. I had become a very quiet person after my own relatives (My mum’s sister’s family) accused me of things I had not done ..for nearly 5 years.. They ridiculed us because we prayed and went for retreats at Tabor..

Also my own brother wanted to marry a girl my mum does not approve of and because I took my mum’s side he said things like I should not be staying in this house and these things hurt a lot..

All this made me afraid to open up to people.. I sort of retreated into a shell. I used to think twice before I spoke for fear of being ridiculed or offending anyone. But throughout all that I prayed that God would help me keep quiet and not retaliate and forgive them..And many times I could not understand why god would allow all these to happen after being so faithful in prayers.. But when you spoke of Sirach 2, I finally understood that gold is tested in fire and a person in humiliation..

Sorry once again because I barely spoke to you on the pilgrimage.. But believe me that I had a wonderful experience .. one that really connected me to God.. Helped me talk to him all throughout my journey.. I felt the Lord’s presence following us.. ahead of the bus ..just how the cloud and the pillar of fire followed the Israelites when they moved with Moses crossing the dead sea.

Thank you once again for this great opportunity …Had never traveled out of India and in one shot saw so many countries.. especially all the places the lord had been..

Thank you very much for all your prayers and support.. Each and every time you took out time to pray for us all..

Am keeping your ministry in my prayers..Infant Mother Mary had asked me to do something, as soon as I am able to complete it I will contact you..

Thank you again for being a blessing …

May God continue to bless you and your family and keep you in his loving care always..

Love and prayers always
Shabana D’souza