I ask God to bless you with his abundance and wish you all success

Dear Jenson,
Praise the Lord!
Now that we are safely back home I want to take this opportunity to thank you very much for a spirit filled Holy land visit. Everything was way beyond my expectation. It was truly indeed a growth retreat with a difference. The way you took care of all the pilgrims, the hotels we stayed, the food we ate etc….etc. were par excellence. God Bless you. The tour itself was blessed because of the presence of Fr. Matthew and Sis Theresa….I could feel the difference when they left. For me the Bible just came alive. Only one suggestion which please take in good spirit… the beach resort in Nuweiba on the banks of the Red Sea was really very good but did not really get to enjoy the beach so may be one extra night with some time at the beach would be nice. In fact many pilgrims had the same view. This is just a suggestion, ignore it if it does not work in your tour schedule.
On a separate note, the short discussion we had with regard to the fear of some harm coming to my son from an age old property dispute (something that is not directly related to us) and strangely the dream I got that very night rattled me completely. I normally do not get dreams so when I got the dream immediately after our conversation shook me up completely. Don’t know if it is just a coincidence. I prayed to the Lord then that people normally pray for dreams to come true but in this case I pleaded with Him not to let it come true. As per your instructions I have started reading Ps 73 and Sirach 2 but would like to request you to please speak with Fr. Babu or any other priests you speak with about this and let me know what this is all about and if there is anything I need to do will gladly do it. As I said he is my only son and I fear for his safety.
Just before I left for the tour my contract with a multinational company expired and now am busy calling up placement agencies for a job. Trusting in the Lord that something will come by soon. Please do keep us in your prayer.
It will be three years this May that my husband passed away. Sharing herewith the tribute I paid to him at his memorial service.
Once again thank you very much and I ask God to bless you with his abundance and wish you all success for the Convention you are planning in September this year. If there is any way I can be of help to you please feel free to let me know.
Kind regards,

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