Was conducted very professionally and was very well organized

Our wonderful experiences with Jenson Worldwide Tours…
We have been on two pilgrimages with Jenson Worldwide Tours, one to the Holy Land (Oct-2009, 10 days) and the other to West Europe, the Motherland
of Christianity (May-2010, 20 days). We came to know about Jenson Worldwide Tours, through his advertisement in the Examiner, for the Holy Land trip. His advertisement mentioned in detail all the sites to be visited and also the total price (upfront), which included all costs, even tips and drinking water. The Holy Land trip, was conducted very professionally and was very well organized, covering all the sites mentioned in the advertisement. Almost every day, we had Mass and recitation of the Holy Rosary. There was always sufficient time for prayer at the various Holy places. Even though, we were a group of 98 persons, (in 2 buses) with the oldest aged 81 years, the trip was so well planned that each and every one was comfortable and well cared for. Our Motherland of Christianity trip, covering the countries of Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Switzerland, was equally well organized. We were a group of 35 persons. We had an excellent bus and bus driver for the whole trip. The pilgrimage to Europe, also had a few sight seeing trips like the snow capped mountains (Mount Titlis) in Switzerland and the Eiffel Tower and other historical places in Paris. On both trips we had great buffets and good, clean, and some luxurious hotels. Jenson personally accompanied us on both these trips and made it all the more memorable, with his many testimonies. We have been recommending others for these trips.
Bernard & Dorothy D’Souza,
dots_dsouza@yahoo.com Pune.

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