Dear Mr.Jenson,

It takes us great pleasure to thank u for the wonderful and memorable Holy land tour u had given to us all last month in November 2012, I and my sister Salvation Coutinho, thank u for the same, because after seeing all these beautiful Holy places, it only gave us a feeling Yes it was worth it,and worth it, as everything was taken care of by you, a well planned Journey to cover the maximum holy places. Also it was pocket friendly, wherein we have noticed that we did not have to pay a single paise for the 12 days tour for anything, You had kept up with your promise. I am also happy that I had cancelled my Singapore trip and thought about first making a visit to the HOLY LAND. This was indeed God’s will for me..

Also loved the food, the Hotels, and the 98 people in our group. Everything was fun , climbing the mountain of Temptation, Sailing in the sea of Galilee, Taking a dip in the Jordan river, the Dead sea experience, the Cruise on the Nile, the light and sound show at King Davids tower, the Cable car ride, the Pyramids, and travelling through the suez tunnel,the Milk Grotto, AND the beautiful Churches that we should be proud of as Christians

We were also very happy to meet your wife Patricia and your two beautiful children, Angelina and Aden, and were happy to spend our time with them.

Yes happy and have informed most of my friends about Jenson World wide Tours if in case they do think about making a trip to Holy Land.

All the best for this great work u are doing for we Christians , where it has become totally easy to make this trip, as once the details are given to you by us, we are free and you do the rest for our comfort and safe tour like a good Master taking care of his sheep.