The Pilgrimage was a resounding success

Dear Ms Patricia Jenson,

My wife Anita, daughter Samantha and i would like to express our appreciation to you for the promptness in seeing to our cheque payments, visa documents and other details of our Europe pilgrimage.

The pilgrimage was a resounding success and beyond our expectations mainly due to Mr. Jenson John’s personal attention to detail for each and every pilgrim right from embarkation to disembarkation at Mumbai. His patience and perseverance is to be admired at all times, and especially in handling check in & check out at hotels & tour buses.

Fr. Johnson provided us spiritual enlightenment by daily mass & homilies with hymns, songs and prayers in the bus accompanied by the personal testimonies and Bible reading of Mr. Jenson John.

The spiritual high spots were of course the Vatican , Lourdes and Fatima with informative and charming guides at all these and other places. The holiday high was provided at Mount TITLIS and the historical places and fashion centres of Paris .

Don Ferris