Thanks and praise to God for the trip

Dear Jenson and Patricia,


I really thank God for both of you for organising the Holy Land Pilgrimage for us which just got completed on 16th inst. I must confess that God was with us so much that we did not feel any problem or trouble during our journey. We had indeed a very fruitful pilgrimage. The arrangements were done so well and I am inviting many people to go for the pilgrimage with you. I am inviting many of my friends and relations to go for this Holy Land pilgrimage in the coming months.

God is blessing you for this wonderful service you are doing for the people.

On my personal behalf I want thank both of you personally for all the arrangements and services. I liked the way you looked after the elderly people. After reaching here I felt very tired for 3-4 days. Now I am okay.

Continue to do the service for Lord. God bless your ministry. I too shall encourage many people to go for this Pilgrimage with you.

With thanks and prayers,
Rev. Fr. Vincent Thomas

“Wise men put their trust in IDEAS and not in circumstances.” –R.W. Emerson


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