Sr. Martha Mandal from helpers of Jesus

Dear Jenson,

5/4/2011 Prayerful greetings to you. I write few lines to say thanks for the services you have given to our group. You have taken up a great mission which the Lord has entrusted to you. I am a person, who is under medication nearly 11 months and I am not able to walk for a long time and many had adviced me not to go for the trip. But I had decided to go as I was adamant that the Lord will see to the need, after all I am going to see His Native place. I had entrusted myself to Him. The Lord has indeed taken care of me. I have visited without any difficult. He had indeed taken care of me.

Thanks to our BELOVED LORD. Heartfelt thanks to Jenson thanks for organising the trip which I have no words.
Once again my thanks and God Bless.

With regards,
Sr. Martha Mandal