Pilgrimage was easily one of the most

Dear Jenson,

It is exactly a week since we returned from the pilgrimage to the Holy land and without fail each day we reflect on the beautiful experiences that we encountered through our journey. This pilgrimage was easily one of the most beautiful experiences of our lives because not only did it help grow our faith it cemented the testimony of our Lord’s journey on earth.

When we were planning the pilgrimage we were not sure as to whom we should make this important journey with and then your name came very highly recommended from people that had gone with you on this life changing experience. We must place on record that everything that we got told about it was absolutely 100% true.

The singular one experience that makes you different from everybody else is that you have a personal touch to each day and through your prayer and guidance and counseling you make the experience even more beautiful, memorable and enriching. As I spoke on the last day of the journey, many of us making this pilgrimage it was a life dream come true and something that we will always treasure with fond memories and true happiness. Your choice of guides, hotel accommodation and transportation was of the highest quality and ensured a memorable and a happy journey each day.

From morning to evening we kept in total captivity by the information and the visits. You can be very sure that all of us that traveled will be a testimony to the fact that you are the best at the holy land pilgrimage.

Further Reihan added so much value to the pilgrimage with his presence and prayer. With deep gratitude and sincere thanks for making this pilgrimage such a beautiful and memorable journey.

Warm Regards,
Clare & Noel D’mello