Mr Jenson what can I say?

Mr. Jenson what can I say?

The tour I took with my wife Helen commencing on 23 Oct 2017 was a Total Spiritual Experience (Not that I am a very Spiritual person)
But the way you conducted the tour hats off to you& your Guides who were a part of your team. I must say that your attention to detail in every aspect was excellent.

The spirituality part was when you held a mass on every day of the trip in the best of locations which was really very impressive. Your talks and the way you guided us to pray for intentions based on the location we were praying was really mesmerising.
– Mass at Mount Nebo the place where Moses was granted a view of the Promised Land.
– Mass at The Home of Jesus in Capernaum
– Mass at Cana where the first miracle attributed to Jesus
– Mass @ Sheperds field the place where, the angels first announced the birth of Christ.
– Mass at St John The Baptist Birth place
– Mass at Church of all nations where Jesus prayed before he was arrested

What more could anyone ask for.

The tour was just super right from Mount Nebo, To the way of the cross and the sepulchre church (the Tomb)leading to Golgotha or Calvary where Jesus was crucified, to the Mount of Temptation, Sailing on the Sea of Galilee having St Peter Fish for lunch, Climbing Mount olives to the garden of Gethsemane, the church of all nations where the agony took place.Mount Zion visiting St Peter in Gallicantu where he denied Jesus three times, The Church of Visitation where Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth. Mount of Temptation by cable car followed by a super lunch way above with a splendid view. Mount Tabor , The burning Bush, I could go on and on about places we visited …….but to end it the cruise on the Nile with dinner and the Pyramids concluded the tour to a beautiful and memorable end.

The food that was served was really above standard and what we expected including the Hotel we stayed in great selection on your part. Water the most important commodity was made available in abundance. I did see other tours that were alongside ours and they were filling their bottles in the restaurants while we were given unlimited supply of bottled water.

The way you showed concern to the elders was very well taken by those who were finding it difficult to move around.

Cost wise it was very economical and I would highly recommend Jenson World Wide to all for the experience that we had.

God Bless you and your family for the good work you are doing fulfilling dreams of those who want to travel in The footsteps of our Lord.
We will look you up for the tour ‘Motherland of Christianity”

Thank you again

John Dsouza