I prayed to the Lord…

My Recent Trip to the Holy Land on April 23rd 2012

This is a testimony that I, Mrs. Ubaldina Coutinho, would like to share with all of you, my trip was planned for the holy land and was anticipating for the day. When the day came I was relieved that finally the day has come and can travel with no hinderance.

On the day of travel I received a call from my daughter in law that my son Francis Coutinho was not well and was taken to the hospital due to chest pain. I was reluctant to travel, then one of my sons told me to go ahead and this may be one of the reason that wants to keep you away from travelling.

I prayed to the Lord and surrendered my sons health and proceeded to the holy land. During my visit to the holy land I also prayed alot for everybody, and then thinking of my son prayed again to the Lord that “Lord before I make back home I would like to see my sons back home from the hospital”

On the day I arrived my eldest son and his wife were at the airport to receive me, they mentioned that Francis was out of the hospital and doing well after going under a minor medical procedure. With this news I was relieved and immediately praised the Lord.

I specially want to thank the organizers and all the people who traveled with me, specially to those who helped me during this trip in whatever they could whether offering their seats in the aircraft or helping me make up the steps.

Lastly to all those who have prayed for me to make all this possible.

Praise the Lord,

In Jesus

Ubaldina Coutinho