I have been cured as I know how much

Dear Mr Jenson

This is Lorraine Fynn from Australia. I had joined your Pilgrim Tour to the Holy Land in October 2016 along with my Mother Sylvia Fernandes and Aunty Gilda Fernandes.

I have been wanting to write to you for some time but was not sure of myself or did not know if I should until I went for a Healing Service here in Australia and then something during the service said to me that I was really healed & I need to give this testimony hearing others giving their testimony. I did not want to give it to anyone but to you since it happen when I was with you at your Pilgrim Tour to the Holy Land.

When you took us to visit the place where Jesus cured the lady who was suffering for 12 Years with the bleeding problem. There I prayed a special pray to Jesus for a miracle for myself, as I was suffering from the time I started my monthly period. And have a family history of all the ladies going through the same problem, that my mother & sisters have removed their Uterus. But  I prayed to Jesus that I don’t want any part of my body removed and prayed this pray – “Jesus forgive me a sinner, I surrender myself to you and as you healed this lady by her just touching your garments, please let me have the same faith, heal me and I trust and have faith you will heal me”.

I went back from the tour, forgot about it, for few months I kept getting my monthly period on and off. But since June or July 2017 I had completed stopped getting my monthly period and I am very sure that I have been cured as I know how much I use to suffer and it is a miracle that I prayed at the place where Jesus cured that lady who suffered for 12 years.