I cannot refrain from writing this note of

“I cannot refrain from writing this note of appreciation to Jenson John”.
My daughter Lynda and I have just returned from the trip to Holy Land with the ‘Jenson Worldwide Tours’.
Before the trip, I really was not aware of what to expect from the trip. I had just glanced through the itinerary; in fact my daughters actually read through it and I went along with it.  Yes, Jenson during the pre-trip meeting briefed us, who were present, about a lot of things.
I, heartily and sincerely thank Jenson and his group for making this trip a really memorable one for me and my daughter (who was the youngest in the group).
Jenson showed his passion about Holy Land by narrating many of his previous experiences.  When and if one reads between the lines of his narrations, one realizes Jenson’s compassion, zeal and commitment to the Lord!!!    He tries to know and understand each person who accompanies him on the trip and knows each person by name even though we had no name tags on.  He wants every person to feel his enthusiasm.   His commitment to the cause is very commendable!!!!  Even the talk on health and nutrition was inspiring.   He is helpful and patient, though at times people felt restricted; that’s because one should have some discipline if one wants to achieve something!!!
I am really inspired and thanks to Jenson, I am spiritually enriched!!
Yes, the bus travels, hotel stays were very good; the food was as per my palate (I enjoy when someone else cooks for me).    For me, it was an amazing experience.  I must advise all youth who plan to travel with Jenson; He has lots up his sleeve for people of every age, you all will not be disillusioned!!!!
Thanks and God Bless!!  Jenson Worldwide Tours!!

Bernie Fernandes