Holy land Tour May 2014

Jenson Hi

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who have planned the trip to the minutest detail. It was nothing less than superb!

Every little detail from checking in of baggage, allocation of boarding passes, seats in buses, rooms, food arrangements, entry charges was looked into. There was a personal touch to every facility received and the experience is recommended. Personal care to belongings and facilities gave the edge. To quote an example – the shelf at the border was asked to be clean to place the passports on!

Comfort of travelling is another important factor. Bearing in mind the age group of travellers, who are mostly people above the age of 55 and in most cases travelling on their own; the itinerary is planned in a way to avoid any inconvenience. The orientation before the program gives you pointers in what to expect and how to ensure this comfort too. Another noteworthy point is, it is absolutely safe for first time travellers and single women travellers too. The guidelines are laid for travel before the travel date and at the end of each day the program for the next day is confirmed. The days schedule is planned in a realistic way taking into account that most of the places involve steps, either up or down. The pilgrims comfort is priority, with advise on what shoes and bag to carry too. Also for additional comfort, what to carry is also mentioned.

The experience of living in the land of the Lord and touching things that He did is beyond comprehension; but to be able to do it at such an economical cost…. A must do. The tour guides are knowledgeable and patient and its amazing how much more there is to what we know.

In terms of cost, its hardly 10k a day which in today’s times, when we go to a restaurant for a meal with family spend 2k in 2 hrs. If we travel for leisure to SE Asia, a package could cost nothing less than 35k for lesser no. of days with just B&B. Local travel to Goa / Kerala costs 25k for,less than a week. Comparing this, to the no. of days and facilities its TOTAL VALUE FOR MONEY; as the cost involved includes all meals and transfers. Additionally, the boat ride, cruise and sea experiences are fun to sit back and relax making the trip more enjoyable. The trip covers places that do not exist anywhere else too like the Dead Sea and the Pyramids, which are memorable.

A christening / communion party costs on an average 60k at the minimum. And it is important to rather focus on the facilities and comfort than the cost, just as we would pick a branded pair of jeans worth 2k to a local one of 250.

I witnessed direct comparison with another group who were travelling but I highly recommend Jenson Worldwide for this experience.

God bless the team behind this for making it possible for us to experience all this.

Sunita Saldanha