Holy Land Pilgrimage with Jenson

I took the Jenson Worldwide Tours to the Holy Land with my Father who is an octogenarian at 83 and was pleasantly surprised at how well it was organised! Jenson came highly recommended by some associates of mine and I wondered what was the big fuss about him, till I actually went on the trip! From convenient flights and Volvo busses to 3 and 5 star hotel bookings to visits to innumerable sites where Jesus lived and preached his ministry and exotic locations of three countries Jordan, Israel, Egypt.. all of it covered in a very economical budget and truly satisfying! The best thing about Jenson is that he is personally involved in every detail of the tour, extremely patient with the people on tour, loves to tell stories and entertain us with his charming demeanour and has the maturity to handle any difficult situation putting the people at ease! The twelve days was a breeze and contrary to what I thought that it Wd be hectic, it was hectic cause there is so much to see but the weather, the company of priests and nuns and all the lovely old people with their faith and the picturesque and architectural wonders, kept my mood upbeat! The best thing is that there are actually no hidden costs! It’s all in the package! If u are deep into the faith or even if u just need to simply explore it as a lover of history, it’s a worthwhile trip and easy on the pocket!

Highly Recommended!

Terence Lewis

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