Holy Land Pilgrimage

I Ms Natty Rose Pesso, I’m blessed to tour ISRAEL for the 5th time in 2011, well this time I was with Jenson Worldwide Tours, an ad. that caught my eye through “The Examiner”. On top of it is a scripture verse from Judges 18/6 – “You have nothing to worry about, the Lord is taking care of you on this journey”. True to the WORD OF GOD the Lord God Almighty protected us. The Planning for the tour was really meticulous down to the littlest detail.

The tour included all sights mentioned in the ad. for example Bethlehem, Nazareth, Cana, Jericho, Galilee Mt. Zion, Mt. Tabor, Mt. of Beatitudes – which are the beautiful attitudes of of JESUS, Mt. of the Olives – Jerusalem, Jerusalem the City of God, where I always feel His presence very strongly, for there is no place on planet earth like the city of my God – Jerusalem, Psalm 122/6 “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem that shall prosper that love thee” Psalm 125- 1/2 “They that trust in the Lord they are like Mount Zion which cannot be removed but abideth forever. As the mountains are round about Jerusalem so the Lord is round about his people hence forth and forever more.” In praise to our God and Jerusalem I quote:-

QUOTE :- “There is a saying that there are ten measures of beauties in the universe, nine belong to Jerusalem and one to the rest of the world. Those who have not seen Jerusalem in all her glory have not seen the most beautiful city in the world. Holy to Judism, Christainity and Islam, ISRAEL is known to have a hundred names and one thousand faces and is truly a JEWEL in the crown – Israel. UNQUOTE: –

The tour was very well orgainsed Hospitality and co-ordination were the Hallmarks of the tour and we were served all three King size meals.An enjoyable boat ride on the sea of Galilee and dancing to tune of Hebrew songs – AND not forgetting eating St. Peter’s Fish on the shores of Galilee. So if you have never been to Israel before then what are you waiting for – Israel is just a phone call away talk to Jenson complete the formatilites and you will find youself walking in footsteps of OUR LORD AND THE BIBLE COME UP ALIVE AT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

I have been on 6 international trips and this one seventh, and I can genuinely say that I have received such wonderful care and treatment like never before. Jenson Worldwide Tour was the first in the Tour Industry, to take us to SOUND AND LIGHT SHOW A NIGHT SPECTACULAR at David Citadel.

Since Egypt was out due to Country’s revolution – we opted for PETRA one of seven wonders of the world, a five star stay which is equivalent to 3 days stay in Jerusalem at no extra cost – Thankyou Jensen. For Jensen look on his tours as his ministry with no monetary gain.

I repeat, If you have never been to ISRAEL before then what are you waiting for now is the time, and if you have already been – then