Holy Land Pilgrimage Experience

Holy Land Pilgrimage Experience 24 Feb 2011.

I Leslie Monteiro aged 84 years had a great desire to visit Holy Land with my Wife, her Sister, Brother and his wife, joining a group of 90 Pilgrims who Mr Jenson John had arranged to take on a Pilgrimage to Holy Land.

On hearing that I was 84 years of age, Mr Jenson John was apprehensive to take the risk of taking me on this Pilgrimage.

I prayed to the Lord and undersent a medical checkup which was clear that I could stand the Pilgrimage. I assured Mr Jenson that I wasin good health despite of my age, On the Pilgrimage I was able to keep face with all the other Pilgrims to visit the various Churches where Holy Mass was said daily and Holy places of of intrest in connection with our Lord Jeus life while on earth and unto his death. We also saw the Tomb where he was laid to rest.

On the Pilgrimage I was admired the way Mr Jenson John took flock of 90 Pilgrims, like a good shepherd although the number was large to conduct.

This Pilgrimage is going to be a memorable one for me. I thank Jesus for giving me the opportunity, grace and strength to undergo the Pilgrimage.

I also thank Mr Jenson John and the group for the cooperation we received and the fellowship we enjoyed.

May the good Lord Bless the efforts of Mr Jenson John and his family for the noble work they are doing for the Lord.

I Shout to say – Thank You ” PRAISE THE LORD”

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