Well-organized tour

This is to say “Thank You” JENSON for the lovely, well-organized tour to Holy Land which left our entire group (29 Oct-9 Nov) in awe and spiritually fulfilled. Truly as said by you … the trip to the Holy Land has had miracles in my life on returning back home to Bombay.

I have raved so much about the wonderful HOLYLAND tour to my friends & neighbors in IC Colony Borivali, that I’m sure they will RUSH to contact you. So much so, that when they bought the Examiner magazine they told me that Jensons has stopped advertising. So I told them it’s now all thru word-of-mouth & the tours get filled in a jiffy. So I’ve given them your contact number & email.

From: CORRINE (Group of 29th Oct to 9th Nov 2016)