Message from Greta Marquis

Jenson Worldwide Tours with Jenson at the helm of affairs on the motherland tour of Europe dated 23rd of Sept to the 16th of oct deserve accolades beyond compare.

Being a layperson Jenson,

Your spirituality and simplicity – astounding

Your earnestness and enthusiasm – prudent and self-assuring

Your zeal & zest – incomparable

Your breakfast, lunch, dinner – sumptuous

Your hotel accommodations and coaches – blissful & luxuriant

Your coverage of countries – exhaustive opening magic casements

Your visit to Lourdes, Fatima, to the Cathedrals and to the line up of saints and last but not the least to our encounter with the Holy Father – Pope Francis – a dream came true.

Truly your determination, dedication, devotion and discipline are – the hallmarks of your success.

Kudos to you Jenson.

“The future does not belong to those who are content with today, it belongs to those who blend vision, reason , courage and personal commitment.

Miss Greta Marquis
Ex Teacher St. Joseph’ Malad.