We were booked through Jenson Worldwide Tours on a pilgrimage to the Holy land. Our group was from Belgaum, Karnataka and we were 15 pilgrims 6 of which were Belgaum Diocesan Priests. The Journey commenced from Mumbai to Jordan by Kuwait airways in the early hours of 25th November 2018. It was from Jordan that we had to board a coach that `took us all the way to Bethlehem, in the Holy land. We were personally accompanied By Mr. Jenson who is deeply a very spiritual man having encountered Christ himself whiles working on a cruise liner. His personal testimonies bear witness to Christ and Mother Mary. Mr. Jenson left no stone unturned to make our pilgrimage a unique experience for every pilgrim. Whiles travelling in the Holy land and visiting all the important holy sites and churches everyone in the group felt the spirit of Jesus hovering over us. It’s totally a different kind of experience that cannot be had by reading about the Holy land but by personally visiting the Holy land on a pilgrimage. All the 48 pilgrims in our group were filled with the aura and spirit of Jesus, who was born who worked and performed miracles, died and rose again in this beautiful Holy land. It’s a one of a kind, lifetime experience. To have such a wonderful enriching personal experience I personally recommend that you travel with Jenson Worldwide Tours. I was visiting the Holy land with my fellow Pilgrims from Belgaum for the second time with Jenson Worldwide Tours. Jenson puts you up in good clean and posh hotels as five stars and seven stars. The food is excellent. Drinking water is provided in abundance and personal care is given to every pilgrim. The best part of this pilgrimage is that we had Eucharist celebrated daily at the important Holy sites. Travel in comfortable coaches; hassle free visa and immigration process etc. are the hall marks of Jenson Worldwide Tours. We had a beautiful experience going by cable car to the mount of temptation which is in the vicinity of Jericho. Jenson makes it possible for the Pilgrims to visit all the important sites in the Holy land. The stay at Taba resort and the cruise on the river Nile inclusive of dinner in Egypt comes as a bonus to the pilgrims. I really felt that Jenson gave us more than our monies worth. It was truly a wonderful enriching Spiritual Journey.

I would highly recommend to all Catholics, to visit the Holy land when you are young, active and agile and not to postpone the pilgrimage and Jenson worldwide will make it for you, A Pilgrimage to Remember for a life Time.

Jenson thank you for making our pilgrimage one that we will all remember for life. God bless you and your work.

Fr. Victor D’cruz

Belgaum. Karnataka