Who we are?

Jenson Worldwide was formed with the purest intention and sincere commitment of serving travelers and making their journeys more pleasant, hassle free and satisfying. In keeping with this idea our advertisements are absolutely transparent about the places to visit, details of site seeing down to the breakup of our daily program, special features, added fixtures, and about the cost which are minimum in the market. We always give maximum comfort to our travelers with maximum facilities. The passengers are looked after with personal attention. On our groups everybody is special, irrespective of their financial and social status. In short, we deliver what we promise. To us the satisfaction and appreciation of our valued clients is upper most and extremely valuable.
Our dedication to our objective is inherent in Our Motto: QUALITY TOURISM, MAXIMUM SIGHTSEEING, POCKET FRIENDLY and we strive to abide by that with total commitment and to best of our ability. We have a proven track record of almost a decade and there are thousands of satisfied and appreciative travelers who honored us with the invaluable patronage. Among them are high socialites, senior government officers, eminent religious luminaries, people from all stratas of life and our beloved senior citizens. Our humble efforts with sincere commitment have borne fruits and we are growing from strength to strength. We are thankful to all our travelers and those who have been associated with us in our growth.
Above all we are eternally thankful to our HOLY MOTHER for the blessing she has showered upon us and our LORD JESUS CHRIST for HIS benedictions as our savior. We pray to them that they enable us to keep serving you all to the best of our abilities and to the maximum of your satisfaction.

What we do

We have two major sections of our travel programs.
We are thankful to HIS EXCELLENCY THE BISHOP and all EMINENT REV FATHERS who have honored us by their presence and Spiritually led our past Pilgrimages to The Holy Land and Motherland of Christianity – Europe. We are also thankful to the pilgrims who have travelled on our pilgrimages in the past. We welcome all the pilgrims and travellers who may join us on our future programmes. We assure them of a completely satisfying service true to the motto of our organisation.
Mr. Jenson John is himself a devout Christian, he has dedicated all his energies in the service of our LORD and the Christian brethren. The costing is always done keeping in mind even those pilgrims who are not very affluent but have a deep and strong desire to visit the land of our LORD. Our efforts in this direction have been blessed by the Almighty. We have the honour of having Eminent Rev Fathers on our past pilgrimages as a spiritual leaders and even His Excellency The Bishop on one of the pilgrimage. Jenson Worldwide organizes regular pilgrimages to both the HOLY LAND and MOTHERLAND of CHRISTIANITY – Europe at the most economical and extensive pilgrimages with the visit to maximum Holy sites.
Jenson Worldwide is regularly organizing leisure tours to Europe, Asia, Australia and African countries. We look forward for a chance to serve you sometime and promise to make your journey a memorable experience.